Happy Franchise, I mean Holidays lol.

In this world of fictitious, mythologies and celebrations of death, here we all are smiling and shopping as we’re told; there is an upside though, family time! So yes, nailed it. Okay so to the point. Hey, gang, we’re away celebrating family time which is the title for our holiday time away from work and the rat race where all the people are being so hateful to one another as long as the people they’re trying to impress don’t notice. We’ve seen so many accidents where drivers are too impatient and see themselves as more special than the next, we’ve been hit with shopping carts by some of the snottiest and less deserving, is this really what holidays have become? It shouldn’t be. This Hallmark moment trend has caused people to act like serious assholes to each other and if we can all get away from that we can get to our families to enjoy some relaxing enjoyment. After seeing all of the idiocy going on in the stores we made it to visit family and had a wonderful family time while we pondered how the world has literally started to take a poop on itself to celebrate their victories in walking over another human. Once with family, we could breathe and it was so calming. We did enjoy XMAS with family and friends, it was awesome and we’re still doing so. We hope that everyone else can get away from the madness of outside to enjoy some peaceful family time too. The point of this post is to put the true happenings of XMAS out there in hopes that some of those idiots will wake up and come to their senses.

Many hugs to everyone around the globe and we hope that you’re having a wonderful Hallmark Holiday with your family. We also want to wish those that have not had such a good time a better time and better days to come. To the families that have lost loved ones or gotten into accidents and so on in the chaotic celebration of shopping we wish you well and are sorry for any and all loses.

Why so serious?

Okay so we’re coming into 2020, let’s try and become better humans and do away with the snobbery. Be good to one another and stop thinking we’re any better than the next person. Put all religions and politics aside and give your neighbors a hug. Happy Hallmark Holiday everyone and spend more time with laughter and happiness.

On another note:

We’re excited to get back to riding our bikes, hiking, running and so much more in 2020. We have some really cool ideas for this new year and hope you do as well. Pugsley and Lilith are doing great and they’re very spoiled. Huge thanks and hugs to all of our subscribers on Twitch and Patreon.

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      1. We’re wrapped in love, having fun with family, playing cards, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and laughing… we’re heading to the beach in a few minutes. Be safe, my friend.

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