Our new emotes are almost done

A few days before XMAS we reached the next level on our Twitch channel to allow us a new emote. We’ve been working on the concept for 3 new emotes and 2 are almost ready to unveil. Over the next few days, one of the new emotes will be able to use in our Twitch chat by subscribers and we’re pretty excited about it. In fact, we’re getting close to opening up yet another emote slot so we’re ready to add it once we hit that achievement.

On another bright side of life, 2019 is almost gone and 2020 is coming in quick. Now we’ve made it through XMAS and sad to say ended up with a severe cold which has taken our physical voices and ability to move around well. The upside, the cold won’t last too much longer and we can get right back on track.

We decided against getting a new indoor trainer. We debated which one to get over and over and to be honest getting a better trainer just makes indoor cycling easier and why would we want that? I currently use the Wahoo Kickr Snap and it is a torture device when it comes to trainers, it doesn’t allow for riding downhill without pedaling as you can see others doing so. We watched a cyclist pedal to the top of Alp Du Zwift and once they got to the top, they hopped off fo their bike to have breakfast while their bike continued to pedal down the hill from the top giving them the riding stats as if they were pedaling all the way down which they weren’t. Now in real life cycling, you can do this on a real bike and that is the goal with smart trainers, however, if I’m pedaling indoors, I’d prefer to be working out the whole ride. Now maybe in the future when a new indoor trainer is needed, we may buy a better one then, right now it is pointless to waste the funds when it’s just indoor cycling on Zwift and now IRL racing.

On the racing side of things in Zwift, we’ve thought about it over and over however, it is a software it can and is cheated. There’s more cheating in Zwift than professional cycling and that says a lot. So if we do attend racing on Zwift we do have to know for certain that there’s no real way to win and to only do so for pure enjoyment and nothing more.

Now that 2020 is about to start up we’re gonna be working harder and harder to grow our community and get a ton of pedaling in, inside and outside. We will be back to hiking, running, adventure cycling, indoor cycling, you name it. It’ll all be about scheduling so if you keep up with our post here and in the Discord Stream Status channel it’ll be a breeze to know what we’re doing and when. So 6 days of indoor cycling, and 6 days of gaming, in between all of that we will be doing all of our other stuff. If you’re a following of our website and haven’t been to our Twitch channel, you should come by and check it out.

Okay, it’s time to try and get well. We are very sick, to put it mildly. We’re on antibiotics and taking cold medications left and right, I’m so clogged up that breathing is difficult. Hopefully, this clears up quickly and we don’t wish this on anyone. I hope to be back to streaming Live by Tuesday, so between now and then we may or may not stream, depending on how I’m feeling as the days come and go. Many hugs to our subscribers on Twitch and Patreon, have an epic adventure day and we wish you all an epic Holiday Season.


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