We’ve Officially Left Patreon

Alright so yes, we finally did it; we left Patreon. Over the years we’ve asked our Patreon supporters what they thought of it and what they thought we should do and to be very honest we didn’t get any responses. Our patreon supporters are awesome and very solid supporters however most of them never used the platform at all and the ones that did, when they did, it was rare. We posted “Lens” all the time and when we saw that no one was even looking at them we said to each other why were we even doing it. We’d live record fun stuff for patrons only and no one would ever see it. We’d post messages asking about topics to move forward on or not and no one would reply, so really why did we have a Patreon page after all?

So we kept posting in posts from time to time important questions and none would ever get a reply so we decided to ask directly and created a few posts. We got a couple replies and they felt the same way as we did. We’ve always felt that Patreon was a waste to have, it felt as if posting there was pointless and all it did has become another place to post the same stuff as everywhere else so we shut it down. Very few account types do well with Patreon and to be honest, those few account types are female Twitch streamers who cosplay and offer adult content on their Patreon for memberships, this is a fact. You can check our math on that by googling 90% of the female cosplay based Twitch streamers and you will find that each has an affiliation with a cam site.

So, what now? We will only have one option as a way to be a subscriber and that’s our Twitch Page. If you’d like to support what we’re doing, it is very easy to slide right on over to our Twitch channel and hit that subscribe button. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can use your free sub-option. By directly subscribing to us through Twitch you get direct access to our Ark server and Twitch access to our Discord server. Simplifying things with having one sub-option makes it much easier and simpler for all.

Now sadly to prove this point over and over. After sending the messages through Patreon in posts, and even in private messaging members. We had to direct message a couple of subs through other outlets like Steam to say, “did you get the message?”; and the answer was no they didn’t. So long Patreon and hello to our awesome subscribers on Twitch.

As for our epic supporters who have been a Patreon supporter for all this time we’ve given them sub access for life as a thank you, no matter if they continue to support or not.

Alright, enough of this we left Patreon stuff. So we had to post it this way too so that everyone was aware, see yet another reason to step away. No one reads Patreon posts. So yes we left, time to go forward. Many hugs and we wish you an epic adventure day, we will be live on Twitch on Tuesday as we’re both very sick due to ChemTrails sent out over the holidays to monetize new medicines.

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