2020 is here and we’re kicking it off right

So 2019 is finally over and we will not miss it at all. 2020 will be filled with nothing but tons of cycling, hiking, gaming, running, adventuring, riding on Zwift and Peleton; you name it. We’ve got so many things going on this year it is completely insane. To kick off the new year, Annika and I worked on one of our Bucket List Items. We made a pizza 100% from scratch including the dough with an awesome keto recipe.

We made a Keto Pizza from scratch
We made a Keto Pizza from scratch

While we were making our keto pizza we were also making two keto snacks. One of the snacks is called Keto Cheesecake Fatbomb and the other is called a Keto ChocolateChip Fatbomb.

Both snacks came out awesome and the pizza was just the bomb. During the making of these epic keto recipes during New Year’s Eve we took videos, a lot of photos and even posted a youtube video on our channel.

What a great way for us to spend our New Year together. In the early morning of the day December 31st, 2019, we streamed on our Twitch channel as Annika rode on the Peleton bike and I did indoor cycling on my bike which was connected to the Wahoo Kickr Snap through Zwift. After a nice indoor cycling ride with each other and our followers on Twitch, we got cleaned up and came back to play some Ark on our game server. Once we were finished with our Twitch streaming, working out and gaming, we headed out to do some shopping to get supplies for all of the cooking we had planned.

We enjoyed movies and TV shows while spending the day and night with the munchkins, Pugsley and Lilith. We ordered more supplies for our soap making, bike mechanic work station, and gym. Right before Xmas, we got new running and hiking shoes so that we can get back to it, as this new year starts up. As I said, it’s gonna be some busy days and nights.

As 2020 gets rolling, Annika and I have a pact to stay working out every day possible. We will be cycling, indoors and outside, running, walking, and hiking with Pugsley; and some swimming when it gets warmer. Now the only time that I will have to slow down a bit, will be in February for my surgery which afterward and after the healing, I will right back to it. We will also be streaming 4-6 days a week with Zwift, ARK, IRL, and a few other games here and there. When we’re not streaming or working out we will be making our soaps for release close to the spring or soon after. Also, we’ve set up a bike workstation so that we can up our skillset for working on our own bikes. Pugsley has a bit of training to go through in the near future to help him learn how to deal with snakes, bears, and other critters when hiking and/or bikepacking.

During the year, Annika and I will be signing up for 5k/10k runs and walks so that we can help with causes that we support while working on our fitness. We have personal plans to lose some pounds, tone in some areas, and then maybe go back to martial arts by 2021.

So in short, 2020 is gonna be a blast and we’re excited. We will be keeping our community in the loop via our Twitch channel and in Discord. If you’re not already part of our community, head on our to Twitch.TV/MattyAndAnnika to join us.

Alright, it’s time to get to dinner and rest up before the morning stream on Zwift, many hugs to our epic Twitch Subscribers! Have an epic adventure day everyone and we hope that this year is awesome for you too.

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