Let’s get the day rolling

Annika and I have already started up our morning as Pugsley and I did a little Yoga and Annika has ridden on Peleton already. I’m getting things ready to roll for some early morning Zwift cycling on our Twitch channel which will be followed by some ARK gaming afterward. Today we have a lot on our plate to take care of as I start preparing our gym for its workstation for bike mechanic work area and soap making table.

Daily Annika and I are monitoring our health through our Garmin watch and Garmin smart scale. We bounce between Peleton, Zwift, cycling outside, hiking, running and many other fitness-related workouts. This will be our day to day for the foreseeable future.

Moving furniture, gaming, and working out seems to be a nice busy plan for today. Between now and my surgery I will only be doing 30-1.5 hours of cycling per morning which will vary depending on how much my sinuses are causing me breathing issues or not. Our cold is almost gone which will help a lot, I believe we’re on the last day or two as the symptoms have weakened a lot.

Okay so that’s the basics for today, more tomorrow as the morning has already gotten rolling pretty quick and we’re in mid-process of things already. By the way, our new emotes came in yesterday, so we now have the Waffle emote added to our Twitch channel and the ride on emote is pending when we make it to the next level which we’re 6 subscribers on twitch from accomplishing. Here they are.

Alright gang, time to get things going. Many hugs to our epic Twitch subscribers for the support. Have an epic adventure day and we will post more tomorrow. Hope to see you in the Twitch chat.

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