The projects are starting, this is gonna be fun

So yesterday was an epic day to put it lightly. The morning stream on our Twitch channel started up with some indoor cycling on Zwift, right after Annika road on the Peleton. Our cold is clearing up a bit and I was able to pedal an entire hour without too much of a breathing issue, I even finally made it to 20 miles in a single ride since we got sick.


After the morning Zwift ride, I got a bit of things done while supporting other streamers in the process before kicking off the Ark stream. When I started up ARK on our Twitch stream this is where things picked up nicely. Within that time we got another 5 subscribers on our channel to help support what we’re doing and it also helped us obtain another achievement on twitch; we’re closer and closer to making partner on Twitch. During our ARK stream, we reached as many as 71 live viewers during the stream and everyone in the chat had an awesome time. Our community is growing every day and it is awesome, many thanks to them all for the support.


After the ARK stream, it was time to start getting a few other projects underway, one was to focus on the new bike workstation in our home gym. Our new bike mechanic stand arrived and it is awesome.

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Bike Mechanic stand

So before we purchase this specific bike stand, we did a lot of research and we do see why some of the complaints, however, the issues with this stand are simple fixes for the price. A preference to change out on this specific stand is to upgrade one of the bolts by spending $7 for one that is very durable versus worrying if the one that comes with the stand will last long or not. This stand was easy to set up and does everything that we need, it’s very lightweight.


Now our work area isn’t top of the line though as we’re beginning to start to learn how to tech everything that we ever need for our bikes, this is a nice start. Over the years we will eventually buy every bike tool that Park Tool has in their inventory to make things a bit easier and of course, once we move within the next few years we will build a room-specific for working on our bikes.

So now that the mechanic stand arrived, and we added the panel to hold the tools we have to get them all out and added to the work area. While we’re working on this project we are also rearranging a lot of our home to better organize things for expansion within other projects such as making our soaps.

Last night I did make a mistake and dropped something into one of our bathroom toilets so today I will be fixing it. Since I’m doing the bathroom fix we will focus on a few repairs in our home that we’ve let sit while Pugsley and Lilith got a little bigger and less destructive. So a couple little drywall fixes, pull the toilet to get it unclogged then install new ring and clean up. Once all of the little fixes are done I am planning to pull my bike completely apart, this includes derailer, drive train and all of the components so that I may go through every part of my bike to get better at working on it. Once I’m done with my bikes I will then work on Annika’s bikes when she is around so that she gets the knowledge also.

Alright gang, time to get the morning prepared for the Zwift indoor cycling stream; hope to see you there in the chat. Have an epic adventure day and huge thanks and hugs go out to all the epic Twitch Subscribers.

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