Let’s get ready to pedal on Zwift, stream on Twitch, and play ARK

Since Septemeber when we re-launched our Twitch channel, things have really started to pick up. Daily we work towards growing our community within our Twitch Channel, Discord Server, YouTube and here on our Website. Now that we made it through 2019 and 2020 is here, we’re working daily to make our community stronger and bigger.

We now stream on Twitch about 30 hours a week, give or take. Between now and my surgery I can only manage to ride on Zwift for a short amount of time, so I try to do an hour each ZZwift Stream. Once the surgery is done and I’m completely healed up I will focus on a lot more cycling indoors and outside. Annika and I have decided to spend 2020 doing mainly indoor cycling while Pugsley and Lilith get over their puppy and kitten tear up things mode. Anytime we ride on Zwift or Peleton we have decided to stream it, so this does mean that we randomly stream on top of having a basic time schedule for when to expect us. As for our scheduled time, it isn’t absolute, it’s just a ballpark time of day as I tend to pedal earlier some days depending on how the morning is going. So I tend to start Zwift stream anytime between 4-6am. Between 4-6am MST will basically be the times all the time to expect a Zwift stream being that when surgery is done and I’m fully healed, I’ll be able to pedal for long hours and earlier will work better given we have 2 streams each day.

Once I’m healed, Zwift rides will average 60-100 miles per day; with a low average of 50 miles per day. Annika and I have a fitness goal this year that has nothing to do with miles, we’re getting even more fit and in shape. During 2020, we won’t be focusing as much on our ride to each city in Arizona goal however we will do a long-distance adventure (outside) bike ride here and there throughout the year to visit a couple of the cities. Streaming as often as we do takes a lot of time, it is also a big community goal that we’ve had for years. We hope it continues to grow as we share our lifestyle of cycling, fitness, bikepacking, gaming and more within it. It’s been an awesome feeling to share recipes while we’re making meals with the Discord server to get awesome feedback with even more cool recipes or alternatives to try. The Zwift part of our community or Cycling part has been awesome, continuously growing and we hope to see it get even bigger. The ARK side of our community is 3 times larger and is daily growing. We’ve had to upgrade the server once already and looking to add another server in the near future.

Other goals we’ve been working on are the gym and the bike workstation. One day at a time this project has gone forward and it is a cool thing to share that I got to use our workstation to fix my own bike.

Another goal that we have planned for this year, our soap shop. Our soap project has been in the works and soon will be fully unveiled as we’ve been stocking equipment and supplies to get ready to release a few batches by mid-year. Soap takes a good amount of time to cure before it’s able to ship out so we’ve planned on the time to make and ship before going to quick with this project.

Alright, so this morning I’ve upgraded our Discord Server to Nitro, it allows all kinds of extras for our members and we also upgraded our bot to allow even more goodies in the server. So today has already started off well. So now it’s that time to set up the bike on the trainer and launch the Zwift stream. Right after the Zwift stream we will kick off some ARK and unveil the coolness that we did yesterday. Have an epic adventure day and thanks so much to our awesome Twitch Subscribers.

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