Our 12th year Anniversary was yesterday

Oh yeah, we made it 12 years happily and we’re looking forward to the rest of our time on Earth together. So yesterday Annika rode on Peleton and I had to take a breather from Zwift due to a few issues with breathing so I focused on ARK. We had a wonderful dinner together and enjoyed the night with our munchkins, Pugsley and Lilith.


Yesterday in Ark, our friend Wolfkitty helped me with taming a few dragons and we attempted to find a nice place for an underwater base; it was a blast. Today we will be doing even more exploring. Hopefully, I can ride a little bit on Zwift however due to being sick most of last night it is hard to say at the moment.


I do plan on attempting a Zwift ride, fingers crossed. If the Zwift ride goes well, afterward I will be streaming some more Ark as I spend the morning with the community before tending to some household things and some client work.

Short post today as I do feel a bit under the weather, not sure why I am getting sick more and more; my bones feel crushed and everything feels bruised. We will find out more after the first surgery in February. Many hugs to our Twitch subscribers and we’re really excited about the growth of our community.

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