Yesterday was an interesting experience

So… Yesterday started out epic with a beautiful 41-mile bike ride on our Zwift Twitch stream. My legs feel so great now and with the cold gone I can breathe a lot better, so it was a nice day to pedal. After an epic morning ZWIFT stream, I got cleaned up and came back for some ARK, we had quite a bit of fun taming dinos.

So, I’m about to finish up the stream and at the end of it, I was getting bombarded with private messages on Discord from a streamer that I had helped set up a server over the last few days. All I can say is “Wow”, it’s people like that is why most of the world never wants to be nice to people. It saddens us that some people are so unhappy with their lives that they have nothing better to do than try and cause trouble. The upside is we found a bad apple and threw it out, life goes on.

A bit later in the day, I did a little IRL stream to go over some of the rides and hikes that Annika and I had done, that was relaxing. We also have started working on putting together a really cool team within our community to help with the fun stuff that we’re in the process of doing or planning for the future.

Today is filled with some Zwift indoor cycling, followed by some ARK and then on to the rest of the daily tasks and assignments; another busy but fun day. Many hugs to our epic Twitch Subscribers and our readers here on our website. Have an epic adventure day today, we will post more tomorrow as it is time to get the day rolling. Hope to see you on the Twitch stream.

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