What an epic couple of days on Twitch and Zwift

It’s been a few days since we’ve written however our new schedule went into effect and it’s been going, go, go since then. Now seven days streaming on Twitch with 1 to 3 streams per day along with having a very busy life before this change, it’s been awesome however very tiresome.


Since Monday I’ve ridden 204.6 miles not counting the ride I’m about to do in a few minutes on our Twitch stream.

Today I will ride another 40 miles and each day this will continue up until my first surgery in February. Once this surgery happens I will be off my bike and all workouts until I heal which can be 7-10 days, then I will continue to ride 40 miles each day in February until my next surgery and then do exactly the same thing. Once all of my surgeries have been completed and I’m cleared for riding, I will begin pedaling my 40 miles a day through all of February and in March start pushing to reach 50-60 miles per day and progress as the year comes.

Our Twitch stream for Zwift is up to 2.25 hours per stream right now and our Ark stream ranges from 2-5 hours depending on what we’re up to. It has been a blast! Our Twitch community is blowing up with awesome people that are a cyclist and/or gamers. I’m looking forward to Sunday when we’re back on ARK.

It’s been an epic busy week and it’s time to pedal again. I hope to see you all in our Twitch chat. Many thanks and hugs go out to our awesome Twitch subscribers. Have an epic adventure day and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Oh and before I forget, Annika got her Wahoo Kickr Snap too, so she will be riding on Zwift very soon. She has been riding beside me most mornings on Peleton or riding before me given our schedule differences; she rides everyday too.


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