A little ARK and a lot of Cycling

The month of January has been a very busy one, in fact so busy that lately, we have been passing out every few seconds during the day. I’ve missed 2 days in January to ride my bike and don’t plan on missing any more this year other than recovering from surgeries in February, which is required. Annika has not missed a day since after XMAS and is still going strong, now recently she has started riding on Zwift instead of Peleton; she is loving it.


Daily, I’m cycling at least 40 miles a day on Zwift and plan to continue all year. We now stream 7 days a week on Twitch with 1-3 streams in a day. Typically we have 7 days a week Zwift Stream, 4 days a week playing ARK, and 2-3 days during the week we will do an IRL stream. Our Twitch community is growing daily and the Zwift Streamers club seems to have a little potential however not like it did before the new year came in.


Our ARK stream on Twitch has been bringing in 30-70 viewers per stream with an average of 10-30 chatters in the chat or just lurking. Zwift streams have been on an average of 2-10 people per chat with a high of 30 viewers. IRL streams tend to have a bit of lurkers however they’re very sporadic.

I started recreating the Zwift Streamers Page yesterday and noticed that the list needs to change a bit. A lot of people got added to the list just for exposure however a large portion of them either don’t Zwift or are not active within the Strava Club or Discord, or at all in any of the Zwift community throughout Zwift. We are working on some things to help grow the Zwift community, not just have a list of streamers.

So today? This morning Annika has already completed her Zwift bike ride and I am setting up my bike to start my 40-mile morning ride on Twitch. After I complete my 40 miles, I will get cleaned up and start up playing some Ark; yesterday we tamed a few dragons. Cycling everyday is a hard task, cycling several hundred miles every week on an everyday bike ride tends to wear you out fast. Sunday’s bike ride I finished with 50 miles for that ride, totaling 294 miles for the week, after the ride I crashed for 4 hours. My weekly goal is 280 miles every week excluding surgery and healing time. I do plan to get a little overage each week so that by the end of the year of 2020 I reach 12,000 miles in total. So that’s the plan and what I’ will be doing today, fingers crossed and I hope to see you in the Twitch chat.

Many thanks to our Twitch Subscribers! Have an epic adventure day and we will share more later.


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