Pedaling between 280-300 miles a week till surgery and then afterward

So my surgery is in another week and I’m a bit nervous however also I’m excited to get it done. For the month of January, I’ve so far ridden every day excluding two days and have pedaled my bike on Zwift 828 miles as of today.


Each morning when we get up to start the day we prepare to ride our bikes. On the days Annika works she will start riding on her new Zwift set up a few hours before she has to leave and when she is home she rides beside of me. On the days that she works I get my Zwift pedaling started after she heads out the door to ride 40-45 miles each day and on the days she is off I pedal 40-50 miles. My goal is to ride at least 280 miles each week to reach a 12,000 miles goal by the end of the year. So other than the surgeries that I have to get done and the healing time, I will pedal all year aiming for at least 1k miles per month. Supposedly, I shouldn’t be off the bike any more than 7-14 days this year; fingers crossed. Whatever days missed due to surgeries and healing, no matter what I will reach 1k miles per month to reach the yearly goal for 2020. I dedicate every mile this year to Kids’ Cancer Research, we stream the Zwift rides and Ark game time on Twitch to help spread the word about the Great Cycling Challenge to help such an epic cause. We’ve even set it up in our Twitch channel that any $10 tip that comes in our tip jar while streaming that we will use it to gift someone in our channel a 1-month subscription to our channel and use the remainder of the tip to donate to the cause at Great Cycling Challenge.


Annika and I are on a roll with our daily cycling and have set some personal life goals also to lose a little bit of weight while toning our bodies even more. We do a ton of working out outside of cycling. We do yoga, running, walking, hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, weight training, and when we have the time we swim. Everything we do depends on the schedule of course so thankfully with Zwift we do manage to get in our daily workout when slammed with work.
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Posting here daily has gotten very difficult since 2020 started so I do my best to write here every few days to keep everyone posted. This is also due to we stream live on our Twitch between 30-40 hours a week so everyone that tunes in gets filled in on how every day is going already. We’re so close to being partnered at Twitch which is a goal that we’ve spent years attempting however only taken it seriously over the last few months. We also have our new soaps being worked on this year, right now it’s all about scheduling in the time as our life and work schedule changed as this year started; we’re still getting used to it. We did get the time to rearrange the gym/bike room and now it has a bike mechanic workstation in it as we’ve started fixing our own bike problems as we learn how to do it all together as a family.

So, yes lots of things in the works here and daily we’re working harder and harder. We’re very happy and excited about how much our  Twitch community has grown and it is doing so awesome. Life is good when you can ride a bike every day and spend so much time with friends and family. Okay gang, time to do the thing. Thanks so much for reading and we wish you an epic adventure week. We will post more throughout the week and as usual, we will be live tomorrow on Twitch. Hugs to our epic twitch subscribers.

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