Rode my bike over 1177 miles so far this year

Oh yeah, my legs are totally sore. When 2020 started, Annika and I were ready to pedal and plan to push all year round. My goal is to ride my bike at least 1,000 miles per month in 2020 to have an ending total of 12,000 miles for the year and I’m currently 1177 miles into it. 1042.8 miles completed for January and the last 2 days I’ve knocked out 130 plus miles and have a plan to pedal another 140 over the next 2 days before I go in to have one of my surgeries done. After the surgery, I will be still streaming on our Twitch channel while I await clearance from my doctor saying that I may start pedaling again. Once I am cleared to ride I will continue to pedal 60+ miles for the entire month of February so that I can get 1,000 miles for the month and then continue to push for 1k miles every month afterward.


I’m pedaling all year for this goal to see if I can reach it and dedicating my every mile to Kids’ Cancer Research. The event only takes place during the month of June, however, I keep my profile active all year so that anyone may support the cause.

We stream our Zwift stream on Twitch every day and we don’t plan to miss any days other than the surgery and recovery times. We will still be streaming gameplay and spending time with our awesome community during the day time. Annika has been riding every day also, she has vowed to try to not miss a day all year for 2020 and she has progressed so much in her riding since she joined Zwift.

During our Twitch streams, many have ridden with us during the streams or simply done their own workouts in the morning while chatting with us in the Twitch chat, this makes the mornings amazing for us. We’ve run into many like-minded people around the globe and have enjoyed each minute that they have shared with us. It’s an amazing thing to see this community grow.

We’re functioning on minimal amounts of sleep right now due to our very demanding schedule over the last couple of days so I must cut this short. Much love and respects go out to all of the epic Twitch Subscribers in our channel for all of the support they have given. Have an amazing day and we do look forward to seeing more people in our chat each morning.

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