Day 2 after sinus surgery

On February 4th I went into surgery to have a few sinus procedures done. Clean out all of my sinus cavities, widened the area to get more air in some areas and to repair my deviated septum; everything went perfect. During my visit to meet the surgery staff they treated me very well, they explained everything to me and they had a nice plan to get through the morning and for how I was supposed to function afterward.


First, I didn’t feel anything before or during the surgery. I didn’t even feel the IV that the nurse put in the top of my hand as she discussed my soonest abilities to be able to ride a bike again. She started an IV with saline solution to hydrate my body since I wasn’t allowed to even have water 8 hours before surgery and I was very pail when I made it there. One by one I met every person that would be working with me as they introduced themselves while explaining to me every step of the way and over and over of how I would treat things when I leave. When my doctor came in, he was so cool. He looked over all of my paperwork and then filled out his while taking the time to also walk me through what I’d be going through while also talking to me about cycling. Most of my visit before surgery what a list of blank lines for me to fill out any questions that I had, I filled them out every time with, “when can I ride my bike and when can I eat?”. The last page of paperwork for me to fill out said, “pick one snack and one drink”; it had a nice list of safe to eat and drink choices for me to choose from. This part was sort of a bummer since I was already craving something to munch on as I sit in front of a snack vending machine filled with my favorite but so bad for me snacks and sodas.

Okay, so the surgery went very well and I didn’t feel a thing. I was very much out of it and hardly remember coming home. I do know that when I got home, Annika took excellent care of me as she got me a place set up on the couch and she took the munchkins in the bedroom so that they’d stop trying to lick the mask on my face. Annika got me ice cream and apple sauce, she wanted to make me special food or just anything that she could to make my day easier to tolerate as the pain started to sink it. I would take the pain meds, it finally got really bad and I took half a pill before going to sleep. So I made it through the day and was officially on the day after and I was very badly in pain and needed to clean my bandages again, this part happens 16 times a day until the bleeding stops. So I had to use peroxide covered q-tips to rub around inside my nose and around the stints in my nose to keep them cleaned out, also I had to repeatedly flush my sinuses with bottles of saline solution and other items. Once I had gotten my nasal cavities flushed and all of the blood cleaned up, it was time for a new bandage which would last about 3 hours maximum. Annika fed me all of the steroids, Tylenol, and other non-pain medications as directed and not too much longer has the day went on, the phone started to ring from the surgeon’s offices to check in on me. They insisted that I should take the pain medications at least a couple to keep the pain away so that I wasn’t sitting around hurting through all of this. Annika reached and gave me one of the pain pills instead of half of one and some of the pain eased up for a bit. Most of my body that was starting to hurt wasn’t my nose. My neck, back, arms, legs, everything was hurting from the position I had to be into sleep, basically, I had to sleep sitting up. I had to stay in this position and it drove me nuts. I can’t sit still long, one of the first things I did when we arrived home from surgery was clean the house, as I have done every day since; besides Annika takes great care of me, she waited on me hand and foot without me asking for anything, she made meals when I was hungry and even when I wasn’t. She tended to the munchkins so that I didn’t have to, nor would she let me. So cleaning a few dishes each day and prepping the coffee maker for the next day shouldn’t be too much for me to manage. We spent the day (yesterday) watching TV together and enjoying time away from everything as we talked to the epic family and friends around the world on our Discord channel. Such epic support from all of them and it meant the world to me to receive all of the messages from them during this time.

So here we are, the 2nd day after surgery and the bleeding has nearly stopped, as long as I’m not moving around much. I have just cleaned my bandages up and sat down to check in with everyone by posting here. I am very sore today, it’s mainly my body hurting from being in a strange position without much movement for so many hours at a time. I only slept 2 hours last night as I couldn’t bare sitting on the couch any longer and had to get up and stretch. I don’t want to get lazy or in any way let my muscles lock up or seize from not working out. So I’ve already cleaned up the house while Annika and the munchkins are sleeping, lol. I’m craving some food and cannot wait to eat, and I hope these pains in my body go away pretty quick. So far the way things are going I should not have to wear bandages after tomorrow and I have a check-up coming up on the 19th to remove the stints in my nose, on that day I will know how soon that I can ride. Will be really happy when I have an absolute ride time.

So that’s it for now, I am well, just a bit sore. The sinus surgery doesn’t hurt however it is very painful if you don’t take the pain medications. On the 10th when they pull the stints out will hopefully be the last of this and then I have another non-related surgery on the 27th. Other than these times once I’m on the bike it’s ride time. Today I will do all that I can to stretch and push myself without overdoing it so that I can get to functioning sooner than later. Many many hugs and thanks to all of the epic people who reached out during this time to check in on me. Also huge thanks to our Twitch subscribers for the awesome support! Have an epic adventure day and I will post more very soon. Oh, and on another note, Annika is kicking ass on Zwift and loves it.


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  1. Glad to hear you are doing good and your recovery is progressing well Matty !! Looking forward to seeing you back on the bike and thing for you and Annika getting back to normal. Take care my strong friend

    1. ty jim. healing process is going good and im avoiding as many non necessary meds as possible to avoid toxins in my system. cant wait ride again, this downtime will certainly allow good muscle recovery

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