Recovering from sinus surgery and back on my bike by the weekend

It’s been a strange couple of days since the surgery and now things are getting better. I avoided the pain meds, so yes there was pain however, nothing like I was told. Many who have had sinus surgery before were there to give me feedback on how theirs went and some made it sound unbearable. I was so nervous when I went in for the surgery, my own mom warned me of the surgery as she had known people who had died due to it, so yes I was worried. So what really happened?

I went in for sinus surgery on the day of and honestly other than a quick prick in my hand for the IV, I didn’t feel one thing. There was no pain at all during this visit, in fact, I have no memory of coming home, though I remember being woke when it was over as they handed me a drink and some applesauce. When I got home the first thing I did was start doing my normal day, cleaning up and getting the day rolling. When the pain did start to creep in, it was hardcore, however, this is due to not taking the pain medications; and for me it was tolerable. So as the day leading up to having the stints removed, these are the tubes that were put into my nose to keep an air passage while the swelling was going on. Before going to this appointment I was told by many how this was the worse part of it and it was going to hurt extremely bad. Many told me to take a pain pill before going so that it wouldn’t be so bad, others told me that they had screamed and cried for hours during and after this procedure. So here is what happened.

I did take a pain pill one hour before going, I was so nervous about this so yeah I did. When I arrived my doctor came in and started looking over how well I had taken care of it. He told me that he hadn’t seen such cleaning on any procedure that I did better than he had anticipated or had seen before. I told him what I had been told and that I was very nervous. He explained to me that the only time this procedure hurts is when patients don’t clean the areas properly so it does feel like pulling a scab off. So he told me each step before he did it and we went forward. I did feel a little pressure as he pulled the stints out, and not one drop of blood came out. So after this, he has to use suction to get everything out, and yes this hurt. This was the painful part of it all though it wasn’t that bad and only lasted about 2 minutes in total for both sides.

So now I’ve been healing and my doctor says it may take a month to get fully healed up and between now and then I need to continue cleaning it over and over as I have been doing. I will return to my bike this weekend and have planned to ride a century on Saturday for Kids’ Cancer Research, it is a group ride we made on Zwift and Strava. Between now and then I am working on streaming more gameplay such as Overwatch, Ark, Fortnite and a few others.

So this is the basics of how things are going and I will post more later. Today I will be playing a bit of Fortnite, Ark, and Overwatch and then we will bounce into our friend Wolfkitty’s stream for a bit more gaming. Have an epic adventure day today and thanks so much for the support, many hugs and thanks to our Twitch subscribers.

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