We’ve been very busy

So we’ve been a bit on the busy side between trying to recover from the sinus surgery where I had possibly torn a stitch to streaming each morning and riding on Zwift when possible. WolfKitty2013, Annika and I have been working on the two Twitch channels for the gaming side of things on the days that I’ve not been able to ride my bike. Ark, Overwatch, Fortnite, IRL, and Zwift are the streams that we do, and we spend a great deal of time between our channel and WolfKitty2013’s as she is a part of our community streams.

During the healing process, I’m also preparing for yet another surgery this month on top of the finalization of my sinus surgery to make sure all went well with it. So cycling has been a bit tough to stay on schedule for February however not to worry as in March I will be back to full swing and throughout the rest of the year I’ll make up the difference in loss of miles for the year goal. On the up and coming, as promised, this is the year for us to release the products that we’ve been working towards so be watching for the updates. Between May and the end of summer, we will begin releasing our handmade goodies on our website shop page, a few local shops, and on Amazon; more details as the day gets closer. Right now we only have listed a few hemp and paracord items along with the Red Scorpion, we have lots of sports, cycling, health-related goodies in the works.

So as for a quick update, this is about it. Other than we’re going to Cirque Du Soleil tomorrow which is one o four bucket list items, woohoo. We will share some photos and other goodies over the weekend, don’t forget to tune in to our Twitch Channel in the mornings which is followed up by WolfKitty’s channel for even more fun stuff. Have a great day and thanks so much for the support.

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