Ready to get back on my bike March 1st

Okay so we’ve been a little quiet, however, if you’ve been keeping up then you should already know why, if you don’t then let me fill you in. First off, February has been a very busy and trying month with me having to go through 2 surgeries, one of which was sinus surgery which a ton was done to make my sinuses work and I now can breathe clearly and smell everything. The second surgery was not as bad however it does come with some lingering pains, though it was and wasn’t a surgery’ the upside is I can finally ride my bike again on March 1st and have no more issues to stop me when it comes to health.

So aside from surgeries, Annika and I finally made it to a Cirque du Soleil show here in Arizona, this has been a bucket list item for me since the mid-’90s. Every time that Cirque du Soleil would come to a town or area that I was in, somehow whether it be work or something would complicate my chances of getting to a show. This show we got to check out was OvO and it was completely amazing. We didn’t take many photos or videos as our focus was to enjoy the show and not be distracted by trying to take photos. What an amazing experience, we plan to catch a show every time they come to Arizona from here on out. Also in the up and coming when it comes to our out and about doing things. We’ve got plans to go and see the following shows:

  • Korn, Faith No More, and Helmet
  • Ministry, Frontline Assembly, and KMFDM
  • Rammstein 2020.

That’s just some of the fun we have planned for this year aside from cycling, hiking, and yes we’re getting back to our running and walking too now that health issues are fixed. So many things for us can go back to normal now and we’re excited.

Another item on our list of things to do has already begun. We had been letting our followers know about our handmade goodies that were coming to our shop this year and we’re already making some of them. This year, Annika and I are releasing a ton of our handmade products which we proudly make here in Arizona; we will put them in our shop here on our website over the next few months. Now, not only have we started manufacturing several of our handmade goodies, but we’ve also started assisting another local company with its products too. So many fun things in the works for this year and we’re pretty excited about how things are going so far. So yes, we have handmade soap, handmade cycling detergent for bibs and jerseys, lip balm, antiperspirant, chamois cream, paracord, and hemp items, along with some handmade wire critters. This is just the start of what we have planned over the next couple of years.

As for cycling, this year I plan to ride 12,000 miles and most o fit will be done on Zwift which we stream on our Twitch Channel. We did change the stream schedule to 5 days a week versus 7 days which allows Annika and me the time to not only ride our bikes outside but also focus on other things during the non-streaming days even though we will still be pedaling. We also have a century bike ride planned every month on the second Saturday, sometimes we will stream in on Zwift and other times we may do this outside. Annika and I love to ride outside and we love to hike and run. So with this new stream schedule, it allows for some outdoor time as well as some nice indoor stream time with our community on Twitch. Now, not only is our community rolling on Twitch, but we’re also all the time in our Discord chatting and spending time with everyone as we have the time. A lot of us get together and play games together, either on stream or not; as long as we’re all having a good time.

So aside from the bucket list, our Twitch stream, cycling indoors on Zwift or riding, hiking, running or walking outside; we’ve been spending a lot of time trying to focus on our munchkins training. Pugsley and Lilith are a huge handful and this issue with Pugsley is due to the issue that happen at the training class at PetSmart by those lazy parents who allowed their spoiled kids to set off the alarm in the store as the kids banged on the glass pointing at all of the dogs in the training class. Since then, Pugsley has been ready to tear everyone’s head off while at the same time he is trying to lick them to death while he barks like a crazy dog. It’s as if Pugsley can’t figure out which way to respond to people now. When Pugsley kisses us he is chewing on us at the same time and we’re trying to calm him from that while helping him with his anxiety. Pugsley is a great dog, he is just very skittish now, now Lilith is a whole different story. Lilith is a typical pain in the ass kitten. She will come up and love on you, showing so much affection and then walk right over to something nice and tear it to shreds. She loves to get into everything that she knows not to, in fact, all you have to do is look at her when she is going near anything she isn’t supposed to and she will haul butt elsewhere. Either way, these two pain in the rear munchkins are our babies and we’re spending a lot of time with their training, one day at a time.

So that’s the update and what we’ve been up to, we have a lot of fun stuff in the mix. Wanna become more a part of what we’re up to? Join us on twitch, in Discord, or keep up here with things as we’re posting. Many hugs and thanks to our followers here and our epic Twitch Subscribers for all of the support! Have an epic adventure day and a wonderful weekend, thanks for being a part of our nuttiness.


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  1. Glad the ops went well and you’ll soon be back on the bike. Sorry to hear the munchkins are still a bit of a trial. Good luck with your home-made goodies.

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