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On March 1st I was cleared by my doctors to start pedaling again and I’ve been so excited. That morning was the end of a Strava and Garmin week for our weekly workouts as a week is considered Mon-Sun. So March 1st was a nice long pedal to end out the former week and Monday, March 2nd was the start of a lot of cycling for this week. We started March 2nd with our morning stream on Twitch as I set out a week of 245 miles for the week goal which is the weekly minimum for March and away I went. As the stream got rolling a few of our subscribers and followers on Twitch noticed an item on the screen called the torture device, this is a stream toy for viewers to add miles to my bike rides. With a weekly goal of 245 miles, this comes to 35 miles of cycling per day for 7 days and as I was nearing the 35 miles for the day the chat in Twitch started questioning how the torture device worked.


The stream finished up and 35 miles was ridden for the day. Day 2, March 3rd, the morning stream on Twitch started up and the plan was to ride another 35-mile day when all of a sudden, the torture device went off which gave everyone in chat 1000 community points; this was just the start of the day. I added the 1000 points to the chatters in the stream and began riding as the torture device went off again adding another 20 miles to the week’s cycling goal making it a total of 265 miles to get done by Sunday, March 8th. When that happened, another person in the chat made the torture device go off which added another 30 miles to the week’s goal making it 295 miles to be done by March 8th. This stream toy turned out to be something everyone was liking.


After doing the math it turned out that I had to change the daily mileage from 35 miles a day for this week to 43.3 miles per day for the rest of the week to reach the milage needed. The next day which was Wednesday, March 4th started a new day to do some indoor Zwift and do so on our Twitch channel. The day was to be a 43.3-mile bike ride as the stream started and not too long into the torture device went off again which tacked on an additional 20 miles however this time it added to the next days’ ride which makes Thursday a 64-mile day. We had a great stream on Twitch with our epic community on Wednesday and Thursday I woke to pedal the 64 miles as was planned.


Friday wasn’t a stream day and nor is today however they are cycling days so yesterday I rode the 42.4 miles and today I will do the same and the of course on Sunday it will also be another 42.4 miles making a total of 315 miles for the first week, March 2-8.


Once Sunday stream is done we reset the next week to 245 miles for the week goal and get the week rocking again. We have so much fun in our Twitch stream and our Discord Server with our awesome community of supporters. If you’re not a part of it yet, come on by and check it out.

Time to get the day started as it’s time to do some pedaling, hope to see you in our Twitch chat tomorrow morning, hugs and many thanks to our awesome Twitch subscribers and followers here on our website.

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