taking a recovery day

This morning I woke to our normal time and decided that my legs needed a day off. At first, I just had a lot of things to do during the day that took a lot of the early morning so I had rescheduled the morning stream on Twitch, not too much later I was waking from a several hour nap; my body was just overly tired. I had a lot of things to get done this morning though nothing seemed to line up right to get it done. Laundry needed to get done but for some reason, we had forgotten to buy more detergent, we thought we had another case of it. So the laundry has to wait until tomorrow and so I started doing a few drywall patches in our condo to repair from when the munchkins were little. Not too much later I had to lay down, my legs were in pain and my body was just very tired, I haven’t been getting much sleep due to the heat lately.


After a 316-mile bike ride week it was time to simply get rested up, so I did. I took a nap for a couple of hours and now I feel a lot better. I was gonna start up the stream and still may still do so, however, I am not gonna ride on Zwift until tomorrow morning. One day of rest will get me by for a long time. So after doing the math for the year goal of 12,000 miles for this year’s cycling goal I have 297 days left in the year and have ridden so far 1748 miles, this leaves 10252 miles to ride during those days which comes to 35.5 miles a day to knock this goal out. So that’s the plan and when a day comes that I need to take a break I simply ride a longer ride every now and then or do a century to get ahead of the goal or catch up. This coming Saturday I will be riding a century so that will certainly make up for today, so yes it’s a rest day today.

Anyways, thanks for keeping up with what we’re doing and we hope to see you sometimes in our Twitch chat. Have an amazing day and thanks so much to our Twitch subscribers for the awesome support.

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