So much pedaling my buns hurt

Given the latest events in the world, it’s allowed even more time to pedal on our bikes while we work remotely.


I’ve ridden so much lately that my buns are so sore that I can hardly sit down and all I want to do is keep going.


A friend has been joining me a lot when riding, his name is Doomnukem (Luis); it’s been making the morning rides even more fun while we all spend time in our Twitch stream chatting with the community.


Our mornings have been filled with morning cycling on Zwift and gaming on Overwatch, Fortnite, Ark, and I even started back up on World of Warcraft yesterday. Annika and I love to play some good PC games however time is the big problem given we ride our bikes so much. Back to that, how on Earth am I going to get my buns to stop hurting every time I ride my bike too much? It seems as maybe my bike position is out of whack or something? About every 150-200 miles of riding I seem to reach a point of having to stop pedaling and I really want to get past this point. I used to not get sore like this, now this happens very often and it is driving me nuts. So, I’m awake, ready to ride; I just cannot bear to sit on my bike for nothing. So given this issue, I plan today to not ride at all so that it gives me one complete day to relax and when I return tomorrow, I hope to pedal a lot more to make up for it. Right now I have ridden 151 miles since Monday and Sunday is the last day of the cycling week; the goal for this week is 350 miles; fingers crossed

Today will be a chill day, hoping that one day off the bike will help the healing go quick enough? Many hugs to all of our Twitch subscribers and subscribers here on our website. Be safe in this media madness, more to come later; have an epic weekend.

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15 Thoughts

    1. Check your saddle width first… then position fore/aft… then your saddle height… then the tilt/level of the saddle. Your problem is one of those. Or cheap shorts. The $150 bibs don’t hurt like a $50 pair.

      1. ive had my saddle fitted to me and positioned fitted. also i my bibs shorts are 150-300 πŸ™‚ Castelli Premio 2 and Pearl Izumi (pro air bib, Attack Bib, and pro shorts. πŸ™‚

      2. Then it’s only saddle sores and over use issues for you! For Antin, there’s something profoundly wrong if he starts hurting after just 20 miles. 😎

      3. it feels as if the butt bone gets bruised as its no skin broken issue. think height slipped or saddle has tilted out of sync. ty my friend for the feedback

      4. πŸ‘ The tilt will do that… also, if the saddle is too wide for the sit bones, that’s exactly what will happen (I suffered through that one – it HURT!).

      5. Jesus, Antin… what Matty said. You’ll spend an arm and a leg, but it’s worth every penny. That’s exactly why you can’t make it more than 20 miles… that you can make it that far is amazing! If you need help with what to buy and how much to spend, I’ll help you.

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