Such messed up times call for some family fun over all things

Watching the media blow things out of proportion causing this pandemic and then watching the idiot Spring Breakers heading out to party which puts more lives at risk, wow what a disaster of a species we’ve all become. Those who took off to party during Spring Break who get the virus should get a premeditated murder charge since they knew ahead of time what their actions could cause. On a brighter note aside from all of the idiocy in the world right now, we’ve decided to kick back and enjoy some World of Warcraft as a family. Our WoW time isn’t for our Twitch channel or to stream or play with others, this is just something that Annika and I enjoy together and plan on a few days a week doing. Annika has been Zwifting every day and I’m recovering from saddle pains and a lower back muscle. Given all of the nuttiness in the world, we’re simply making the best of things and playing every day one day at a time.

Our Twitch streams will happen on the planned days however, it may be cycling, it may be gaming, and it just might simply be an IRL stream. Right now the only thing important to us is spending each day as happy as we can while this mess either gets better or till it’s time to break out the Zombie tools. We’re simple people, we don’t bother any one and we enjoy life; we believe in things like respect others, common courtesy, etc. So the base of this is simple when things get worse, we are prepared if someone ever enters our locked doors without permission. So let’s all try and live peacefully and respect everyone’s social distancing and not try to continue to be douchebags buying all of the supplies and being a prick to one another.

Many hugs to everyone out there and we hope to see you sometime in our Twitch channel. Be safe and don’t be one of those peeps who make things worse for everyone. Love and Hugs all.

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  1. We stopped by the grocery store this morning to pick up some snacks… I couldn’t believe the bare shelves, man. We’re stocked up, though. Stay sane, Matty.

    1. glad you’re stocked up, the empty shelves have been nuts. stores here are nightly restocking everything however people are just raiding it all the minute they reopen

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