Maybe it’s time for a change?

Since January 2020, things have been a bit different. Right before the new year came in we were working on the Zwift community to help it grow and flourish throughout Twitch, it has certainly changed very quickly. Riding indoors on Zwift has been fun however seeing some sides of it makes me not have much interest in it at all. I love riding my bike and miss enjoying it so right now I’m taking some space away from it.

We started back streaming on Twitch in September and when we kicked it off, things looked to be much better than it was though in just a couple quick weeks it showed itself to be the same in every way, the same reasons we liked it however more the reasons we left. Lately, I’ve been doing more PC gaming on Twitch since we’ve had some changes around the house going on and I’m trying to get used to it. You see, I don’t do change well and over periods of time, I do tend to look at how things are and ponder the reasons to continue some things and/or to continue dropping them. Streaming on Twitch is not just sitting on our parents’ couch and turning on the stream, there’s a lot of subscription-based payments and a lot of work that goes into it, it’s time-consuming, to say the least. Setting up my bike each morning for pedaling on Zwift and watching the chat for a few hours to repeatedly say the same things over and over that, I’d written in the daily article that a lot of the viewers were not aware of a post being written is a bit mind-numbing also. After cycling on Zwift I spend a lot of time assisting other streamers while preparing for the game stream, it’s a continuous cycle of not being able to leave my desk versus being able to enjoy my life and the adventure of hiking, cycling, etc.

Maybe it’s time for a change? Well seeing the outcome from all of the hard work on Twitch is a real reason to consider this change. Out of the 40-50 Zwift streamers that we promoted and helped 99% of them don’t come to our stream, most don’t even support each other; yet another mind-numbing thought. So, like the last time we were on Twitch, nothing is different, there’s no community in it, it’s just a “Me, Me, Me” world. I miss being able to get up in the morning and hopping on my bike to go for a super long ride outside. I miss being able to play games on my pc with Annika and a few friends without dealing with trolls. If things on Twitch continue like they are then yes the change will come quickly and to be honest I don’t see them getting any better or ever being any different.

We love to ride on Zwift and we do all of our ridings for enjoyment, this part of it has to come back soon. I will be streaming gameplay today and taking a breather away from some things for a moment. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, so much family time right now is taking place and it’s so wonderful. We also miss our Pugsley very much, more about him in upcoming articles.


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