Going back to enjoying my bike riding outside

I”ve reached my limit with Zwift and streaming Zwift, it’s time to go back to enjoying time on my bike and getting far away from the snobbery. Annika will remain riding on Zwift during the mornings before her work starts so that she can get some cycling in each day, I, on the other hand, will be taking off down the road for some nice outside bike riding and getting far away from Zwift. Streaming Zwift takes so much away from enjoying time pedaling. Most of the time it’s continuously repeating one’s self the same thing over and over even after posting an article and it being on all social media for the people who supposedly keep up with what we’re doing. I’m no longer allowing anything to take from my enjoyment on my bike and this does mean no longer using Zwift on Twitch or doing any cycling on Twitch.

Over the many years of being on Twitch, we’ve hoped to see a difference between gaming and cycling though there isn’t; we’ve found a small handful of really good people and that’s about the extent of it all. Some ride bikes and most are gamers or just awesome people with similar interests to us. As for Twitch, I have changed the schedule for it to be only gaming fun and keep my passion and interest in cycling far away from that platform.

Adventure Cycling | Athletic A's Stadium | MattyAndAnnika
Adventure Cycling | Athletic A’s Stadium | MattyAndAnnika

Today I will be setting my bike back up with my bags and lights to get ready for some awesome chill outside bike riding tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it, finally back riding with a good friend of mine and have no plans of where we will be going for how on git will be. I miss riding and enjoying it since we got off of the phone chatting about it, all I’ve thought about was pedaling on my bike with no thoughts of watching the chatbox, wow what a great feeling.

Oh, an update on Pugsley and Lilith. Lilith continues to run around the house looking for her brother as she screams to get no answer until she gets loving from one of us, she misses him. As for Pugsley, he is doing well, we shared a video in our discord server. We miss Pugsley very much and cannot wait for him to be home in a few more weeks.

Many hugs to our awesome supporters have an epic week.


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    1. 🙂 thanks Lisa, hope you and your fam are doing well in this mess. Pugsley is doing good, we should see another update video from the trainer soon. we miss him so much.

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