Feeling great to be back outside on my bike

It was a great time yesterday, from early morning cycling to a full day of random running and walking.

ride with jeff and son

The morning started with some 4am outdoor adventure cycling, or a simple bike ride with friends cause we rode our bikes so slow to enjoy the beautiful morning. It was very quiet, we pedaled our bikes in chill mode as we spent the morning enjoying time together. Our son and I met up with my friend Jeff to go out for a bit and it turned into a short simple 15-mile bike ride. We took some bike pictures in town and enjoyed the company of one another as we joked back and forth the entire time.

After our bike ride, we headed home to get cleaned up and then we headed out back and forth all day for some simple running and walking as a family. Here lately we’ve enjoyed all the family time, it’s been wonderful.

Today we have a big schedule planned out, right now I’m debating on riding today or waiting till tomorrow. Maybe a little bit of gaming today with some Fortnite, World of Warcraft, or some Overwatch? Who knows and who really cares, as long as the day goes awesome.

Time to get the day started, more to come later, right now it’s family coffee time. Have an epic adventure day everyone and thanks for the support.


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