Watching the world fall apart

It’s been an interesting time, to say the least as we watch the planet fall to its knees and humans become their worst. While the planet continues to kill itself and humanity continues to horde and show their true nature, we’ve been spending time enjoying life. We’ve been making the best of things during this madness.

Lately, we’ve been looking into buying a new home while evaluating the things we do with our time. We’ve been helping our son complete his education and get his life back on track, we’ve also been focusing on quality family time. Family walks daily, several times a day; we don’t track a lot of our fitness stuff as we used to. I’m taking a breather from cycling to allow life to stabilize with all of the recent changes. Once all has settled here I will be doing nothing but outside cycling as that’s what I enjoy about riding a bike. This last attempt at a Zwift community was the last for me and I will not waste another moment within it. My trainer is retired for a while until I cannot ride outside, and even then, If I get back on Zwift, I will not be streaming it on Twitch.

Our Twitch channel has become nothing but game time and that’s all it will be; gaming. We love a few games that we play and that’s what we will stream, no more Zwift on our channel. The games that we enjoy the most will not be for the stream as they’re for family gaming and not to be for anything else. So yeah, things have changed and for the best.

As for Pugsley and Lilith, Lilith is doing great however she misses Pugsley just as we do. Pugsley is doing very well and will be returning home in another 2 weeks; we cannot wait to have him back. As for our website here, I will be refreshing the content by the end of the year to clean up space and to start over some content; a good refreshed blog will be very helpful however challenging to say the least.

Hugs to ou supporters, we will post again soon.


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  1. Good to hear. I’ve been re evaluating also, and its funny how my priorities have changed. Doing my best to practice patience, be present and just listen. Have a wonderful day 😊. PS I can’t wait to hear how Pugsley did from his boot camp. I’m sure Lilith will be super excited to be reunited too!!!

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