It’s official, we’re no longer streaming

So we did what we could with Twitch for the final time. Since between 2012 we’ve been working on our Twitch channel and each time we get to work on it we seem to run into the same things. We’ve finally hit the end of our time on Twitch and have decided to no longer waste time, money, or energy with that platform and streaming as a whole. Nothing ever comes good from it. We love gaming and we really love gaming with friends, however, it’s rare to have a troll-free game time when streaming it and then they’res the experience with Zwift on Twitch that just adds to that factor. To stream, it costs time and money and it isn’t worth it. The things we love have been soured for a bit due to trying to stream it and it’s time we go back to enjoying gaming and cycling by removing the sour taste which is streaming.

So this morning was the last stream on Twitch and we will not relaunch it again. As for Zwift, Annika is enjoying her morning Zwift time and I hope to ride my bike here and there outside again very soon. This week Pugsley returns from his immersion training, wow we have missed him so much. Life is going great here and we’re simply removing everything from our life that isn’t specifically awesome. Daily we’ve been working out with our son, running, walking, and soon to go hiking. We’ve enjoyed game time together as a family, cooking meals with each other, and spending time with our friends and family. As for our discord, we will keep our discord however we may minimize it to friends and family for gaming and nothing else. Right now it has a lot of people in it that don’t even use it so we’re debating deleting it and making a new private one or dumping it and refreshing it for private family and friends only.

Today I’m enjoying some Fortnite and looking forward to our walks and family time. Many hugs to our friends and family around the world have an epic day.

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