We have a lot of fun things happening right now

I had plans to head off today for a nice bike ride however a few things changed yesterday out of the left field. So, Annika and I have been debating our new bikes and after a ton of thinking about it I decided against getting a new bike and focus of some custom things that I wanted for my bike instead. First off, I had been wanted to have some custom wheels made that have Dynamo hubs. Then there’s the Sweetroll bag from Revelate Designs that I want for my handlebars, and last but not least I am talking with BunnyHop in Australia about having a custom wrap made for my road bike. Icarus (my road bike’s name) is very special to me and I’d rather make a few modifications that replace her, so upgrading a few things here and there fits best for what I am wanting. Fingers crossed now as I have found someone to build my wheels.

Annika has decided to get her a new Specialized Roubaix Di2 Ultegra. She is excited about her new bike and she will be getting it within the next few weeks. We have a lot of cool stuff going on within our lives and household which leads me to yesterday. So each morning we wake missing Pugsley and trying to do something to keep our minds off of the last few days until he gets to come back home, so we went riding around to get some air. While out and about, our son called and said that his new job needed someone right away and did we know anyone that needed work. After a few minutes I said, I’ll happily do some temp work to have more bike spending funds; so we went to chat with them and yes I started within 10 minutes of my arrival. So for the next month I am working a regular job to add to our current workload to make some extra funds that will go towards some bike funding later. With that happening yesterday it changed my bike ride today however it is for the best. We’ve been working with a lot of change in our lives and it has been going very well. Our son is doing great this time and we’re very proud of him, Pugsley is coming home in a few days and Lilith is no longer considering a life skill at the China buffet, lol. So yes, Life is good.

We’ve been enjoying tons of family pc gaming, we love Fortnite; the old Fortnite sucked. Family time has meant more to us lately and having this time means the world. Now that we don’t stream on Twitch life is so much better and we have less negativity in our lives.

Alright, it’s time to do the thing. Many hugs to our website Subscribers, have an epic adventure day everyone and we will post again tomorrow.


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  1. I feel the same way about my bikes… I thought about a new bike, maybe a sweet rig with Di2 shifting and hydraulic disc brakes… but it just isn’t worth it. My Venge is too spectacular. Enjoy work, Matty.

    1. ty my friend and yeah i love my setup, its comfy for me. i do plan on upgrading my ultegra to r8000 later however i have a 53/39 chainring with 11/28 cassette thats a hard to find drive train. 🙂

      1. Drop the 53/39 for a 50/34. Way, WAY better for mortals like us, brother. 53 is useless unless you’re a pro. That’ll open up your choices, too. Go with SRAM eTap Red or Force if you’ve got the money. If I did, I would in a heartbeat.

        Everyone I know loves eTap.

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