Pugsley comes home tomorrow

We’re pretty excited that Pugsley finally comes home tomorrow. We’ve heard from his trainer how well he has been doing and after almost 6 weeks he gets to finally graduate the immersion training and get into his own bed at night. While Pugsley has been gone Lilith has been a complete pain in the rear, much more than she was before. She went from a quiet munchkin who was really sneaky when tearing up dry wall and anything else she could get into, to a screaming maniac who when into anything you could hear her two condos away.

It’s been a strange few weeks since our sons return home and the very next morning Pugsley going to immersion training. Since that day we’ve been getting used to new life schedules while at the same time our sons new job schedule, we’re all on a different schedule now; things are going pretty great lately. As for cycling, I cannot wait to know when I can ride my next ride given all the things that have been going on. This morning is my first day off from one job and it’s a day for catching up on other things. Today is also a day to prepare for scheduling in a nice outside bike ride that I hope I can do within some point of this weekend depending on how things go when Pugsley gets home. Our son and I are extremely sore from lifting boxes all day for the last few days and can use a few days rest.

On that note, we’re soon to be able to do a few days of family gaming as we all have a couple days off to relax and enjoy. We’ve been enjoying playing Fortnite together as a family, it’s fun to go into the game and dance with each other while we crack jokes; lately life has been much more enjoyable. So yes, we still play pc and console games, we still enjoy adventures, hiking, and long distance cycling and our family is doing great. We hope your families are well also!

In short, more to come in a few days, right now we’re preparing for more coffee and some gaming. Have a great weekend and thanks for the support.


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