We’re working on things in our website including a private Discord for Subscribers

So, now that we’re not streaming on Twitch we’re back to doing what we’ve always done and its very enjoyable. Working in our website, keeping everyone up to date on our plans and adventures and just taking life by the balls. Our son is really enjoying his job, he got offered a full time position and he is so happy. I will be a standby person for when they’re in need of people so this means I have a cool side project that gives me bike monies. Annika is doing really well as she is enjoying her career with Amazon and we’re all here today waiting patiently to go get Pugsley to bring him home.

As for our website stuff. We’re working on a Directory to display places we love and support. It will be a slow process however we love to support and show love for awesome places that are worth sharing. We now have time to focus on new articles, family gaming, outside cycling, more adventures and that makes us very happy. We have also setup a Discord Server that is only available for our Site-Subscribers here on our website. Those are extremely epic people who help us to achieve more of our goals. This new Discord Server doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles as we feel that is just a clutter load of junk and we don’t want our supporters to be getting a ton of junk messages, we want them to be able to chat with us without getting a notification of an auto message. Also most importantly, no one can access this Discord Server unless they are a Site-Subscriber; no exceptions.

We have a nice sized Bucket-List here on our website and we have tons of plans to knock a lot of it out, so this means we will be sharing a ton here as we have in the passed. We hope you like the new layout of our website, we’ve been working on it a lot to better the looks and feel of it; also to keep it simple running too.

We’re right now focusing on family time as our son works on his personal self and goals with us right by his side, we’re so proud of his effects and accomplishments. We’re working on some really cool things on the back-burner also with another company, more news as this gets closer. We have our hand crafted Lip Balm in our new site Shop. So all and all, since we left Twitch so much has went right back to positive and time is well spent. Saturday I do have a plan for a family bike ride that will be a nice 20-30 miles of adventure cycling outside; so excited. Now, it’s time to get our Fortnite going before heading out to pick up our awesome puppy. Hugs everyone, more tomorrow and many thanks!


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