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Tomorrow would’ve been Marley’s 10th birthday however last year she passed away. We keep getting reminded on all of our devices of her birthday tomorrow and it’s really heartbreaking. Marley was our baby and her and I were very close, even having other pets in our lives has been difficult for me since her passing. She was a wonderful friend and will forever be remembered.

No that we have Pugsley and Lilith things have been very different and most of the time very difficult with one being a puppy and one being a kitten. Now that the both of these two are just over 1 year old, things are changing though seeming to not work as well as when they were both growing up together. Since Pugsley’s immersion training he has changed a lot. When we picked him up and went through a 2 hour sessions to learn his commands he did so well. We took him to PetSmart and to his vet and not once did we have any problems with him. He didn’t bark at anyone, he didn’t acknowledge any other animals, he simply done what he was trained to do. Later that afternoon, Pugsley started testing us and since then he hasn’t stopped. Every few minutes he is trying to see how much he can get away with and rebelling against his training as he did before the immersion; Pugsley is just being a pain in our asses none-stop. The 2nd day was even worse with Pugsley as he did all he could to try and eat Lilith, and we don’t mean in a playful way. Today is day 4 and he is calming back down, maybe he just needed a bit of time in his own environment?

Pugsley barks a lot more than he did, he has a little bark if a squirrel farts outside; we keep having to correct this issue. Pugsley also will wine every few minutes to try and get more playtime instead of behaving. While all of this is going on we also have Lilith that loves to start screaming literally to get attention while we’re trying to work with Pugsley; it’s been sort of a nightmare having the two munchkins during this time. We’ve debated finding a new home for Lilith for a very long time due to having issues with Lilith interfering the whole time however we made things work. Pugsley just has a rare mix, his breed makes him a drama king, it’s like having 10 millennial’s in one spot. He is certainly a “me, me, me..” dog. Today though he is doing lots better. The training “Lindsey of Arizona Custom Canine’s” did a wonderful job, we’re extremely impressed and appreciative of the work she has done with Pugsley and by the end of this week she will be back to visit to see how he is doing; now it’s up to us.

Yes we’re a bit quiet right now as this thing with Pugsley is taking just a bit of our time, literally every minute of each day. Also, our son is doing amazing and has been very helpful with all of this. We’re sorting our schedules so that someone is working with Pugsley at all times and once we can get things together a bit more I will be able to ride again, grr I miss my bike.

Okay, so that’s the scoop. I’ll post more with some photos of Pugsley in a few days; we have just got a lot going on for a few days to make this all work. Hugs and many thanks to our awesome Site-Subscribers. Have an epic adventure day, more to come this week.

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