Getting used to our new schedules and cannot wait to ride my bike

Daily around here we’re adjusting to our new schedule and how life will be going forward while most of us are still working at home. Let’s start with an update on the munchkins.

Lilith and Pugsley Sleeping, Lilith woke by camera
Lilith and Pugsley Sleeping, Lilith woke by camera

Pugsley and Lilith are doing great! These two have always been like brother and sister and of course Lilith can kick Pugsley’s butt if she wants to. No things are a bit different for them as Pugsley is now a much bigger dog than anyone expected and when he tries to play with Lilith he can take the furniture with him when chasing. He just doesn’t realize how strong he is and Lilith has to put him in check a lot so we watch them carefully with limited play time while Pugsley continues to learn his training. In a few days we have a follow up with his trainer to see how he is doing and daily he is doing better and better. He doesn’t jump at people and he doesn’t bark as much, sometimes not at all at some people. He does walks with no issue versus he used to pull us and bark or growl at anything that moved. The first day with him was amazing and the second day he was surely trying to show us that he was gonna do all he could to get away with everything, we’ve stuck by our guns and he is learning that he can’t. Annika works with Pugsley the most as for some reason he has always tried to not listen to her and now he does great with her.

Lilith is daily calming down and learning how the house will be. She still chews on drywall and tears things up however she makes sure we don’t see her, smart kitty. She chases Pugsley all the time though we have managed to give a hew bird view and she loves it. Each morning we open a window specifically for her and a few birds sit near the window and mess with her all day, it’s so funny. Pugsley has many walks during the day however short ones due to the heat. We have several times of time out to learn and tons of play time, he is spoiled and very happy. The indoor barking and wining has slowed a lot.

As for me.. Well, if you’ve kept up with our posts you’d know that I don’t do change well and we’ve had a lot of change going on. So far I’m holding my sanity however I have had some trouble adjusting though day by day things are going together well. I’m awaiting to ride my bike though still mentally dealing with all of the movement in our home and the schedules. Today is day 1 for me to work on going back outside on my bike and getting me back to normal. So today’s process is for me to clean up my work area and my bike, tomorrow I will focus more on getting my gear together and some household chores that I want to take care of and hopefully once I’ve gotten through that I’ll head out on my bike. I don’t do well in this much change and if my mind is focused on anything that is troubling to me then I cannot ride. Fingers crossed.

On another note. We’ve noticed something over time that has really become saddening. People that we’ve ran a crossed online or offline that we’ve came to be friendly with, if we’ve focused on helping them; once we’ve helped them they tend to no longer be around? From helping streamers make it to affiliate or partner to generally assisting someone through some troubling times, those people seem to be the first ones to just vanish once their problems or challenges are accomplished. On that note, we’ve deleted our friends list on all platforms. Gaming from here on out will only be for very close friends and family time. We will no longer use Twitch or any other form of live streaming outlet, and social media sites to us have always been a joke. This is our online medium along with our YouTube channel for our videos. We have a private Discord for Site-Subscribers so that they can get the scoop of what we’re working on before hand, other than that; we’re moving forward on living happily without the injection of a negative world.

On a gaming note, Annika, myself and our son have been having a blast playing Fortnite. We love the going into a match and either winning or losing while breaking things and dancing throughout the game. Between Fortnite and family dinners, life has been much better around here. As for our son, he is doing amazing! We’re so proud of him and we’re looking forward to seeing his life finally go forward in a positive way.

Alright gang, time to call it for today. Many hugs to you all and we will post more again soon. Have an epic adventure day and fingers crossed I hope to be riding my bike by the weekend at the latest.

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