Getting my bike ready for riding with a few upgrades

Yesterday was a really bad day for my nerves however I used that anxiety to work on my bike and make some list of new parts to buy for Icarus, my road bike. After a few tweaks and changes to my bike I went for a short ride to see how it felt and when I returned I did even more tweaks to it. First off, I removed the arrow-bars which took a lot of weight off of the front-end. After taking off the bars I found that I needed to order a few cradles for my gear that used to sit on the arrow-bars. My Spot GPS needs a cradle to mount it and I decided to grab a few more lights and a new GPS computer, we went Garmin all the way. I’m grabbing the Garmin Edge 830, Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight, and the Garmin Varia RTL510 Bike Radar. Just a few device updates for the security of my long distance cycling.

Now with those purchases from Garmin I will be getting the bundles so that means new cadence and speed sensor along with a new heart monitor; I love upgrades. Now given the new upgrades, I’ve also decided what I’m doing with my favorite road bike and that’s modify her for some epic rides. I love the tires that I use most importantly. I use Continental Gator Hardshell 700×28, I absolutely trust these tires as I’ve not once ever punctured one of them. These tires are very heavy however I do have the legs for them and besides they’re the only tires that I have used on the BeeLine Highway that didn’t get one puncture. Now as for the tires, don’t get them confused with the Gatorskins as the Gatorskins are a different tire and a lower grade tire, however still strong. So yes I roll with heavy tires cause I don’t try and race or go super fast, my only function on my bike is to enjoy a long distance bike ride. On that note I will no longer be riding my bike indoors at all. I miss being outside riding to wherever and once my nerves stabilize from all of the changes going on I will be back outside all of the time, at least in the very early hours. Being that summer is almost here, it’s pretty hardcore to be outside and dangerous for too long in the heat so summer will be riding in the night hours only. Once the fall and winter get here I will be outside doing all kinds of city to city riding. Right not my only goal is to get back to enjoying my riding time and not let anything get in the way.

As for Zwift, Annika rides on Zwift for the time being and she is also in the process of assisting me in planning a long distance ride for the fall. We’re planning to ride to Carefree together for a cycling picnic together. I’ve ridden this trip before and really loved the ride.

We’ve done a few long distance rides together, can’t wait to do more with her. On that note she will be getting her new road bike soon. Things have been so busy here sometimes we just cannot keep up with all of it. This leads me to Pugsley and Lilith, our little munchkins.

These two munchkins, no matter the troubles that we’ve had; they totally have our hearts. Pugsley’s training is daily going better and it’s awesome to wake up each morning to these two crawling all over me with their morning kisses and purrs. They totally help the day get started, speaking of that we just finished a nice run with Pugsley; he is doing much better with people.

As for our son, we are so proud of him! It’s nice seeing him so happy and progressing with life. We all spend quite a bit of time together whether it be gaming, running, cycling, or just some family movie or music time. So yes even if my nerves are trying to get the best of me, so much is just going beautifully and it is awesome. My wife is so amazing by the way!

Okay gang, time to get things rolling here. Thanks so much for the support! Have a great day, more to come tomorrow.

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4 Thoughts

  1. Glad Pugsley is home and reunited with Lilith. They are adorable!!! When my nerves are shot, I do my best to remind myself of the things that soothe my nerves. Happy you & your family are doing well. Have a wonderful day

  2. first, glad to hear about the Pugsley doggo. Next, Great choices on the Garmin stuff- it’s what i run, the Radar is AMAZING. You wont need a speed sensor, keep in mind, as the gps will take care of that. But back on that radar, absolute game changer. I am putting 38’s on the Crux (gravel tires) because i have been seeing a lot more dirt road adventures on my rides i want to try out. Anyhow, glad to hear things are going well, stay safe!!

    1. many hugs my friend ty. im so excited about the new Garmin items. Cant wait to get back to long rides and tons of climbing. hugs brotha ty for keeping up with us

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