Busy Busy Busy and can’t wait to ride my bike

It’s been a very busy time lately though it’s been amazing family time too. Lately Pugsley has been doing a lot better as we’re all day every day working with him on his training. Lilith is calming a little bit and the two of the munchkins are playing well again together. Our careers, work, and life have been going well and the family time just keeps getting better. Many things going on right now, time just keeps getting ahead of us. First off we’ve recently ordered our new bed in which we’ve been debating on buying for a few years, pieces of it started arriving today. We have to order our bed frame within the next week and hope it gets here very soon. Not only are we dealing with items like that arriving at our doorstep all the time, we have a lot of health and dental things taking place for our son and just check ups for the rest of the house. Our son is doing awesome! He loves his new job and they love him also. I also work 1 or two days a week for a company on the side which gives us a bit of bike funds to enjoy getting new parts and supplies for cycling. We’ve been so busy that Annika hasn’t even had the time in a few days to ride her bike on Zwift, busy is not a big enough word right now.

I keep trying to get a ride in over the last few days however the house schedule and things arriving here over and over have just been time consuming. We also have to get a new windshield for our car since a rock flew up and made a huge crack in it the other day, so we’re waiting on the people to arrive to install a new windshield. Daily gaming on our PC’s has made us start to look into upgrading our computers again which we were debating on doing it soon anyway, so that’s in motion also. So, get car windshield fixed, upgrade computers with new graphics cards, CPU, motherboards and ram, setup new bed, enjoy the new TV we just bought as we get to also enjoy our son enjoying our old one, install the new upgrades on my road bike, continue training Pugsley and Lilith while at the same time getting some time in between full-time career and work to do some running, walking, cycling and hiking; busy busy busy.

So yes, a bit nutty however fun; life is amazing and no longer in anyway nerve shattering. Everything has just started falling into place and it’s beautiful. I am planning a ride very soon on my road bike however I’m also awaiting the new upgrades for some long distance stuff. This week I will be back on my bike riding short rides to get my legs back into the motion, I’m hoping to hear back from a friend however I won’t be waiting around much more. Many hugs to our supporters! Have an epic day everyone and we will post again very soon, thanks for checking out the latest updates.

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