Our new Tuft and Needle bed arrived, woohoo

So everything we’ve been expecting to arrive throughout this entire week arrived early. First off I’d like to mention how well Amazon has been doing when it comes to getting packages to us and of course FedEx and UPS have been doing amazing lately too. However, when it comes to regular US Postal Service; their system is entire screwed up and they’ve been failing us more and more every day. For more than 15 years now, no matter what state in the US that we’ve been in, the regular postal service has always seemed to lose mail or not get it to us on time and given this pandemic, it has gotten even worse. The mailman is not the problem, the whole system is, this dinosaur of a business needs to be shut down and something else take over standard mail. Now aside from that note on mail and packages, our Tuft and Needle bed has arrived early along with all of the accessories. Last night we spent a couple of hours setting up our new California King and “oh my, we slept so good” for the first time in a very long time. Now we need to order the new bed frame that we’ve picked out.

When we were ordering and picking out all of the stuff for our new bed we didn’t realize how much of a difference it would make with the choices we made. It took years to decide to get a new bed and it took months of checking out different mattresses until we finally picked the Tuft and Needle mattress that we purchased. We visited the showroom a few times last year to try every mattress that Tuft and Needle had until we picked the right one for us. To top things off Tuft and Needle is an Arizona founded company so it was also our way of supporting our home by purchasing from them. We ordered the mattress, the pillows, the protector and the sheet-set. Aside from ordering those awesome items from Tuft and Needle, we also ordered a new comforter from Amazon; all of these items arrived days ahead of schedule. Now that our awesome bed has arrived there’s more things to do around our home today. We gave our other bed to our son so he is extremely happy also as our former Queen bed is an awesome bed too however not as awesome as our new Tuft and Needle. Since we’re all in Quarantine we’ve been making the best of it by organizing things in our home that needed a little TLC, it’s kept us very busy in between work and working with Pugsley. We’ve went from one room to the other getting rid of things that we don’t need and cleaning up the clutter to have a less cluttered home. We’re making the most of the space we have since we’re waiting a bit longer on a new home purchase.

Today I was planning to ride my bike however with things arriving yesterday and another new client with multiple projects starts today, my time today has been overbooked; tomorrow is filled with work and doctor visits. Not to worry, lots of adventure cycling is right around the corner since the new equipment will be here very soon. It’s gonna be another long day of work and organizing, we will post more later as things progress. I hope to get the office and the rest of our closets cleaned out and arranged today between client work and working with Pugsley. Hugs to our awesome supporters, have an epic day everyone.

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