A few adjustments and it was a beautifully fun bike ride with a friend

So after some feedback on yesterdays post from our friend KittenLittleBits and BigJim at Fit Recovery I ended up lowering my saddle and took my road bike for a spin this morning with my friend Jeff. Big Jim had some great feedback on the issue and it helped tremendously, he always has great advice and we highly recommend it. Hugs and many thanks to Big Jim and KittenLittleBits for the assistance.

my road bike Icarus

What happen after making the changes recommended by Fit Recovery and KittenLittleBits? My morning was was a success and I was in a lot less pain while pedaling. Of course I still need to do some tweaks however it’s very close and I enjoyed my morning bike ride with my friend Jeff very much. Jeff and I rode our bikes from Scottsdale into Tempe Town Lake and then into Mesa; it was a wonderful feeling to be back on my bike and smiling the whole time. I am a bit out of shape given all the down time up until now though I still have some monster climbing legs. It will certainly take a few rides to get back into the groove of things again and I am excited to be back doing it, tomorrow I do plan on another bike ride; not sure how early yet.

During the ride this morning my Garmin watch was recording the ride and Jeff swerved in front of me causing me to hit the breaks really quick. When that happen my watch detected it as a crash and reported it on my Garmin profile while stopping the tracking on the current ride, thankfully I was also recording the bike ride with my bike computer. I’m not happy that my Garmin watch stopped the tracking however I am glad that it did detect the accident even though it wasn’t anything important. It’s a good feeling to see that feature in action. So either way I did get top track the whole route of our bike ride this morning and the whole time i twas very fun, drivers on the road however need to be paying more attention as I was almost hit 4 times before meeting up with Jeff and Jeff had a few incidents the day before.

Okay so yeah, it was awesome and I’m excited ready to ride again! So the plan now is to continue pushing forward in hopes to regain my ability to ride for long hours in the saddle by the time Fall gets here. More to come tomorrow as I’ve got a lot of things to take care of around here, my biggest focus today after the fun ride was to say thanks to the awesome people that gave the epic feedback that really made my ride great. Have a great day everyone, pedal pedal pedal! Oh and before I forget, it’s a Family Fortnite day woohoo; game night.

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