Cyclist – We’re not all DOUCHE-BAGS, some of us are just..

I’ve been meaning to post an article on this for some time now and haven’t really had the time it takes to really get it right until now. Over the few years that I’ve been riding a bike or called a cyclist, I’ve noticed a big trend in cycling. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is that it seems to be that you have to have a huge stick up your ass to fit into this category, or so it may seem sometimes; however this isn’t really a requirement to be a cyclist.

Cyclist, we’re not all douche-bags, some of us are pretty chill assholes who love to ride around in tight outfits to show off our size and positions; lol. Yes, the largest portion of cyclist can be real pricks or douche-bags however this isn’t just in cycling, it’s in everything. The Earth just seems to have a larger population of selfish, stuck up, self absorbed humans than the amount of laid back awesome people. This has nothing to do with cycling or cyclist, the title is simply a joke because I, myself am an asshole and I’m pretty proud to call myself one.

I ride my bike for the pure enjoyment of doing so, I also wave and say hello or have a great day to almost everyone I pass during my ride; I like to put out good vibes. When I’m out riding my bike, I do run across 90% snotty people, it’s just that common. Is it that they are snotty AF or are they just having a rough day? Either way, when I run across those snotty people, I tend to make sure they hear me loud and clear as I wish them a better day. I also am very clear to hear if I need to let them know how rude they were, it’s a two way street ya know. The reason for this post is to make it clear that in the sport or hobby with riding a bike, it’s not just us who can be pricks; it’s in every interest or group. There is good and bad in everything and how we all deal with it is how our lives will be modified or spent. I consider myself an asshole because I am very blunt and have no tolerance for ignorance, that means I get headaches very easily in this toxic weak minded planet that we live on. Though that’s how my brain works it doesn’t mean that I go out on my bike and send out negative vibes, besides I want to enjoy the outside and my time on a bike. In my world the real douche-bags are those pricks who are driving a vehicle and not paying attention to where they’re going, and those assholes who are on a bike with no helmet riding on the wrong side of the road while running red lights.

So case in point, I’m part of the Asshole club and I love it. I’m blunt and to the point with no filter whatsoever, though I still take the time to make the next person I see smile. Many hugs everyone, this post was meant be funny for all my cycling asshole friends out there, lol. Have a great day, more to come shortly.


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  1. I have a cyclist friend who passed away a few years ago. He used to say to everyone he met, Ride and Smile Every Darn Day. I try to think of him every time I ride, and smile at folks even if I am not feeling particularly upbeat. I DO think it helps that there are those of us who aren’t interested in being jerks, just interested in sharing the love of cycling. We are out there and that does help change perception.

    1. sorry to hear of your friend Shells, much hugs to you and we will keep them in our hearts also. and yeah always stay upbeat, those that arent are just not happy people. have an epic day my friend. #teamasshole for the win 🙂

  2. I’m lucky. Most of the cyclists around my way are chill. Usually get a wave or nod. Even most motorists are reasonably well behaved.

    Where about on this planet do you live?

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