NIGHTTIME Cycling is my happiness

There isn’t a moment that I’m not thinking about riding my bike. It’s not that I’m thinking about going to a group ride every Saturday or Sunday, I merely think about the wonderful feeling of riding a bike in the middle of nowhere.

Sedona | Adventuring | MattyAndAnnika
Sedona | Adventuring | MattyAndAnnika

The photo above is one I took when we were out and about checking out places to ride our bikes in Sedona, Arizona; it is so beautiful there and on the 89A/89B. I am no photographer though the pictures I take when I’m out hold meaning to what I was doing on the rides.

Everyday that I am not riding my bike I am planning a new ride, cleaning my bike, shopping for new parts and gear for my bike or a bikepacking trip. My mindset being like this is why I cannot do the indoor cycling thing anymore, there’s nothing like being out in the middle of nowhere and enjoying the ride back from there to home. My favorite time to ride my bike is when it is pitch black outside, I love riding at night. During nighttime bike rides, I’ve had the chance to see tons of snakes, coyotes, javelins, bobcats and many other critters; what a beautiful sight to see them in their environment without vehicle traffic and pedestrians walking around.

I saw 6 Javelina's when I was out riding my bike | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika
I saw 6 Javelina’s when I was out riding my bike | Adventure Cycling | MattyAndAnnika

Given the fact that I love riding outdoors, I use a lot of lights and charges solar power banks to keep things running. Not only do I use a lot of lights I also have a Spot Gen 3 GPS tracking my every move and my Garmin Forerunner 45S watch along with my phone are tracking my location while my family keeps an eye on me when I’m on long trips for safety measure. Right now I have 4 solar power banks that are 100% charged before I leave the house, I also have a Cygolite 700 Lumen along with a Bright Eyes 1600 lumen light. Some up and coming additions to my night time setup are:

That is a short list of the upgrades that I’m awaiting to arrive for my road bike setup, afterwards I will be getting a few more bags from Revelate Designs.

Above are some photos of my equipment and setup along with a few shots of out cycling about Arizona. Below is a video of a 3am bike ride that I did,

My reasons for riding at night are simple, when I go outside at 3am, even on the weekends, the nutty traffic has stopped. You can hear for miles and all you hear are the trees and critters. I’ve ridden to Fountain Hills and back one morning and saw only 3 cars the entire trip, it’s a beautiful site. Very minimal traffic, lots of critters, and the open road to enjoy on my own, that’s probably the best reasons ever. Now the other real upside to riding in the early but very dark hours are that I can ride a very long time before the sun comes up, and being in Arizona, it can get really hot very quickly out here. I can ride anywhere between 100-150 miles within 4-6 hours on my bike and that allows me to visit a lot of places, that’s my happiness. So yeah, I may be nuts but I’m very happy doing this.

So in short, I will be doing a lot of night time riding during this summer to get my legs back up to par as I add more equipment to my gear list for longer travel. I hope that by the time fall gets here that i’ll be able to be riding my bike anywhere between 60-100 miles per trip and come back with tons of photos and videos for our YouTube channel, our Private Discord Server (Site Subscribers Only), and here on our website.

So, it’s that time to wrap this up. Many hugs to our awesome supporters! More riding adventures very soon, tomorrow I will be back on my bike for at least 30 miles. Have a great day and thanks for reading.


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