Off the bike for today, got busy with things

So today was to be a morning bike ride however that turned into a furniture ordering day and a ton of working out with Pugsley. Not to worry, I’ll be back riding in the morning, right now I’m focused on picking up my pace on my bike slowly as I ease back into things. Today we had to wait and order our new bed frame that we’ve been waiting to order, woot, we’re so excited.

So our every morning starts early, we’re talking much earlier than the average or non average person. Right now we wake at 1-1:30 am each morning for coffee and to walk Pugsley while working on his training. We tend to do about 3500-4000 steps as we watch our Garmin connect each morning, we do this a few times before work starts everyday. We usually have a good deal of ours and our dogs daily exercise in by 3am and then we’re setting up for work. As the day goes forward since we’re all working at home right now, I cover the house work in between client tasks and Annika and I tend to working on Pugsley’s training about every hour all day long, he is doing so well.

Now that the bed frame and a few other furniture items have gotten ordered we can tend to making sure the areas in our home are ready for them. In between work ad tending to Pugsley we also work with Lilith, our other little munchkin. She is doing much better and daily her and Pugsley are calming down with their wrestling and chilling out from eating walls and furniture. Both Pugsley and Lilith are very beautiful munchkins and are extremely protective and loving, Pugsley would probably devour a tank to protect us he is so super strong. I’ve been doing a lot of site work here on our website that I’d been wanting to get done for some time, it’s going great. We have many new features along with some that have been revamped. We took some time away from posting reviews here on our website and have now started getting the old reviews formatting revised as we start preparing to continue posting realistic reviews on all the things we do from here on out.

We’ve also added an Events section for long distance planned bike rides to be displayed on some sort of a schedule. Also added to our site are a Links directory for places around the globe that we enjoy and want to share and a Business Directory for a business listing of awesome places around the planet that we want to display. Daily I look over our website and think of things that I’d like to implement and when I get the time I knock a few items out here and there.

Now aside from all the things we do for work and around our home, cycling is my #1 passion and I’m so happy to be getting back to it. My new gear is still in the works of purchasing and receiving it though in between now and then I am riding a little bit here and there to rebuild my muscles. Every other day I will go out for a bike ride and ride whatever length it takes to make me happy at that time as we get through the hot months of summer here. When the Fall hits I will be riding all the time and it will be a lot of long distance rides. I will be adding things to our Events calendar for Century rides, double centuries, and I will be working on my city goal also. In between adventure cycling Annika and I will also be doing some running, walking and hiking. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel also as I do plan to release a couple YouTube videos a month now that things are somewhat back on track.

Alright, so that’s the update for today. I will be posting daily again and I’m pretty happy about that. Life has started to go back to normal and it is a great feeling here, now we just take the good and the bad as it comes. Ride on my friends, I am looking forward to sharing more and more adventures with you all, thanks for reading.


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