Had a wonderful bike ride this morning with our son

It was very nice to get out on my bike this morning and my son went with me to make things a bit more fun. I love riding my bike and I enjoy it more when Annika, our son, or a friend rides with. I don’t mind going slow or going really fast when I’m out, I love climbing most of all.

Our bike ride wasn’t a long one, it was only 17.5 miles-ish. The goal was to go for a bike ride and enjoy each others company, tomorrow I plan to go for another ride however this one will be by myself or with my friend Jeff, if he responds in time. Riding in the dark hours is my favorite by far and I have the lights to light up the whole road if I need to; lol.

I have plans to get back to riding long distance as soon as my legs and schedule allow. I’ve been upgrading needed gear as my wife has been testing tracking and monitoring me during a ride. When I first started cycling, I went forever, it was hard to get me to stop pedaling however when I blew out my leg muscle it has taken a bit to get back to that, now my muscle has healed and it’s time to get out there. Virtual riding has been more of a bummer than a real happiness on my bike so I am only doing outside rides. Hopefully I can ride in some rain, storms, a bit of everything so that I get a taste for it for future rides. Daily I will push to ride more and more with the goal to as soon as I can get back to riding very far very often.

It would be nice to find someone that enjoyed cycling in the same ways that I do so that I’d have someone to go far distances with, so far not too much luck on that. Each day is a journey and from here on out my goal is to enjoy and share that journey where I’m able. So on to another day in the morning, right now I’m charging all of my lights and I’m excited to get to pedaling again. Many thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with what we’re up to. Have a wonderful day, more news tomorrow.

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  1. I think you fixed it… just went back and it was normal again… if you need that screenshot, I can send it, but whatever happened, it’s back to normal.

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