Pretty excited to be back to riding our bikes

It’s been a few days of writing due to our furniture arriving and the things we had to tend to around our home, life has and is still very good. We’re healthy and starting to get our workouts back into sync as Annika is currently pedaling on Zwift and I and our son are preparing to head out for some adventure cycling.

So now that things are going a bit back to normal we’ve been making our rounds to support local businesses that are built here in Arizona. We placed a small order to The Heavy Pedal to show some love there, we also stopped into a few local restaurants for some take out while we visited The Heavy Pedal to pick up my new caps. I must say, the cap I ordered is one of my favorite caps, while there, Jesse at The Heavy Pedal also hooked me up with a cap to support First Place Coffee; that was so cool of him. These caps are made very well and are very comfortable.

Yesterday I made it out for a short bike ride to get my legs moving and this morning I am riding with our son to get even more warmed up. My goal is to slowly ease back into things while I await my new gear.

We’ve been doing a lot of walking and running, especially with Pugsley; he is doing great also. We also got our new bed, woohoo! It’s taken us years to decide which bed and of course we had to shop local so we purchased a California King mattress from Tuft & Needle. He-he, we also got a new cactus named “Spike” to go with our little family of Cacti that we’ve been collecting.

So yes, life is good and each day it gets better. We’re doing all we can to keep spreading the positive vibes around to everyone as we visit local shops to make a small purchase to help where we can. We love our home “ARIZONA”, and we want to help in anyway we can to help it stay awesome. And on that note, it’s time for a bike ride with our son. Many hugs, more tomorrow. Have an epic day everyone and thanks for reading.

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