An Epic Adventure Bike Ride with a friend

This morning started with nothing but excitement to head out the door for a bike ride. I’ve been getting more excited by the day as a lot of my new gear has been slowly arriving and most of it has already been added to my bike.

My dash setup on my road bike “Icarus”

Recently I’d ordered the following to add onto Icarus, my road bike.

And of course a few new cycling caps from The Heavy Pedal and Cycology Clothing. So the only thing left to arrive is the Garmin Varia RTL515 Rear Radar Light, so excited. On that note, now that my awesome upgrades are here, it’s time to ride and this morning I did. Before riding this morning I woke to my wife coming back from taking Pugsley outside, she told me helicopters were all over the place as she pulled up the news to show me. A protest turned into riots, looting, theft, pure idiocy. The protest was done for good reasons however the theft, damage to public property and just acting like complete idiots or terrorist was just completely out of order. We let the news go in one ear and out the other as we looked into the real happenings as to why all of the chaos, yes something needs to be done, though what was done and is currently happening is hurting others and not those who deserve it. So now to my point.

I was being woke to this news and my wife’s concern of this being so close to where we live as to if it’d be a good idea to go riding since the local authorities had so much to deal with outside already, I decided to just ride my bike completely out of that area so that what I was doing wouldn’t be of any concern and went about my day.

I met up with Jeff and we headed out for a nice bike ride. The plan was simple, we were gonna pedal at least 30 miles today and we made it happen. My new gear helped a lot however it was a bit confusing for a while also. I was getting notifications for weather, traffic, sharp turns ahead, you name it; nice to have however I wasn’t at all ready for such notifications to keep beeping as I rode my bike. Also I don’t believe that I charged my Garmin UT800 Light enough as it went dead within the first 1.5 hours with a notification 30 minutes into the ride that the battery was low. So yes a bit of getting used to however it was still a very fun ride with my friend Jeff.

So where to tomorrow? Well, now that things are coming together very well at home which allows me to be able to ride more often outside, I will be riding a few times a week and aiming for distances and further out locations while I build my legs and endurance back up.

Annika is back on Zwift after taking a bit of a break, she has had a few pains to allow heal time and now she is full swing again. Her career is in very high gear right now so that is her biggest focus. When we’re not all at work, we all as a family spend time playing PC Games together, walking, running, hiking, cooking and working out. Life is good and we’re going to make the best of each day.

So, that’s the update for today, more tomorrow and I hope to get some videos up soon on our YouTube, fingers crossed. Many thanks and hugs to our epic site subscribers. Thanks for reading.

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