Epic bike ride fun yesterday

Yesterday was an awesome morning for a bike ride. Our son and I headed out to climb Fountain Hills together, with this being our sons first time up there he rode his mountain bike. Now the first couple of times that I rode to Fountain Hills I did this on a mountain bike as well, so this was a nice learning experience for our son. This route has a lot of climbing and it is a lot of work if riding a MTB, on a road bike it is very difficult however not as so compared to the mountain bike.

In the beginning, I didn’t think our son was gonna make it, though him being a bit like me; he didn’t give up. This ride generally takes me about 1.5-2 hours to do on my own depending on the day and depending on the route I take can very between 30-46 miles as I love to come back from it on the Beeline Highway which is a longer route.

All of the videos above are bike rides to and from Fountain Hills using various routes in and out. The last video is leaving out on the Beeline highway, one of my favorite roads.

So back to the ride and what’s been going on in the last few days? So something has happened to my rear wheel which causes it to feel like I’m pulling a car behind me and it turns out that I need a new rear hub. I took my bike to Dave at Bike Barn and of course, he made a small modification to get me by while we look into options that worked well. After a nice bike ride with this modification, it worked well enough to do the ride so I went home to call Bike Barn to see about getting the parts in so this can be fully fixed. I didn’t get to talk to Dave so I asked my questions and was told I’d be contacted back and as usual, if I don’t get Dave on the phone then I don’t ever get called back. This morning I have searched out the parts I needed and contacted Dave directly as he is always 100% dependable. I was considering buying new wheels however a hub and a cassette is under $200 versus the wheel costs about $750. Big hugs to Dave for always looking after us and every other customer that he works with, besides our home bike shop is #TeamDave.

So I should hear back from Dave by time he gets in the shop and then I’ll know when this will get fixed and I’m excited. Being back on my bike feels amazing and riding with our son yesterday was just epic fun on it’s own. Today is weight training day and working with the munchkins. We daily work with Pugsley on his training as he is complete handful, then Lilith she is just into everything all of the time. Both of the munchkins have fun and amazing personalities and are very needy of us, which makes for some very long days and nights however they’ve gotten to the point that when it’s bed time, they just pass out. Speaking of bedtimes, today starts our new schedule, we wake up much earlier and go to bed much earlier. So now we wake at 11pm and have to get to bed by 3pm in order to stay functioning properly, lol, we’re so old. The upside to this new schedule means that I can do more night riding on my bike once the state curfew is over with.

Alright, short and sweet, it’s time to get some work done. Many hugs to our awesome Site Subscribers, have an epic day and thanks for reading. Much more to come shortly. Oh, I almost forgot. We as a family play Fortnite a lot together and in a few days, the new Season should drop, woohoo.

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    1. thanks brotha. more to come once i can get to some back to back rides. between curfew, covid, life, work, son etc etc lol. grr i just wanna ride my bike

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