Short bike ride however still fun

So this morning I headed out on my bike in hopes of a long ride when the stiffness in my wheel started again. The other day when we were at Bike Barn checking to see why my wheel was starting to get harder to spin we found out it needed a new hub so we’re in the process of waiting on the hub to be ordered. On that day, Dave did a little temporary fix so that I could ride however after the Fountain Hill ride the other day it’s already getting stiff again.

I was able to ride a few miles so I rode around Old Town Scottsdale to enjoy the scenery and to also see the closed up and barricaded streets, it’s a sad sight to see. On my trip this morning I did get to do a little bit of GoPro stuff and I’m in the process of importing it as I write this article. I heard from Dave last night that he is trying to find a new hub for us and he will let me know the moment he finds one, till then it looks like I may not be able to ride much. Maybe I should spend a few days hiking and running? Maybe just short rides as I build up my legs and just take each day chill to better protect my wheels.

On another note, I’ve been working on our Discord Server while at the same time I’m spending a great bit of time thinking about the Arizona Adventure Cycling club and how I am planning on handling it over time. My hopes with the club is to find like-minded cyclist around the state that want to ride long distances together. Maybe have specific days per month for club rides such as centuries, double centuries and more? Maybe also incorporate some bikepacking into the club and a small group of the club do some Arizona Trail bikepacking trip? I know for certain that I’d like to link our club to a fundraising system for localized charities like Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and Arizona DSNetwork for Down Syndrome. These are just a couple of ideas that I have, it’d be nice to have like a board group to work with on arranging things, one day at a time for right now.

So for today I am going to focus on getting some site things done as I work on organizing the club stuff. Many hugs and thanks to our Site Subscribers and you for reading. Have an epic adventure day everyone and we will post again soon.

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