Waiting to get bike repaired

So my bike is down for a moment as it has some popping and crackling sounds in the bottom bracket and the rear wheel hub is still acting up very badly. I won’t be riding for a few days as I have my bike stripped down and ready to take it to see Dave on Friday. Hopefully the few parts that I need are available when we go by the shop, fingers crossed.

My bike has had so many repairs it’s insane, it’s a good thing however it means I’m getting some good fun out of it. Icarus has had 2-3 bottom bracket services, 4 cassette’s, 3 chains, and the headset has been replaced; these are just a couple of repairs. My wheels have been trued, spokes repaired, and a lot of modifications. Since I was training on the Beeline highway when I first started cycling a lot, I went through a lot of tires also. Twelve sets of tires over a 3 month period, and yes those roads have a shit ton of metal and glass debris.

So yeah, a lot of repairs. I’ve learned a lot in the process as Dave and the team explained to me how to fix these issues each time too so that it bettered my knowledge on repairing my bikes. Gotta tidy this post up as we have errands to run, more to come later. Have an epic day and a great weekend.

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  1. My bike has been taking a beating lately, too. Pretty much doubled my weekly mileage since COVID started and I’ve been able to telecommute. My tires are being held together by Bacon Strips! 😀

    1. well done my friend. my goal was too however our son moved in with us again so things got busier in other areas. I’m pretty stoked to get back to cycling and hope to be back up on the mileage by fall

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