A nice bike ride this morning

It was nice to be on my bike this morning and I actually found a cold spot to be riding in. I left out at 4am and had no ideas or clues as to where I wanted to ride, I just wanted to ride my bike. This weeks goal is a simple one, reach 100 miles for the week and next week I will move up the goal. So while I was out riding, I rode up to the Talking Stick Casino & Resort while on the same back-road I went right passed the Odysea Aquarium. During that little stretch of road the temperature dropped at a minimum of 10 degrees, I started to get really cold for a few minutes and it felt awesome.

During my bike ride I do think I got a thorn in my tire in which I still need to look, my tired got really squishy. A bit of adventure for the early morning right after a morning running and coming back into a morning run. It was just a perfect day to enjoy some outside air.

I’m looking forward to riding each available morning in hopes to build my endurance back up before Fall hits. I’d really love to be able to start doing really big bike rides soon, fingers crossed. Outside of this mornings’ cycling and running, a huge thank you goes out to several people who donated to the Great Cycling Challenge so far. Kevin and Lisa, many thanks to the both of you for your contributions this morning, it’s a beautiful thing and we’re thankful for your support.

Above is a short video made from today’s bike ride and the photos that I took during it, many hugs and thanks for all of the support. I’ll write more tomorrow, I’m a bit tired at the moment and I’m getting kisses all over my leg from Pugsley; hehe.

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