Dedicating 40 miles to Marley tomorrow

This morning I was planning to go out and ride my bike for at least 30 miles to dedicate to our dog Marley that passed last year. A few family things popped up last night which lead me to getting about an hour of sleep so I have postponed today’s ride and will do it tomorrow with an added 10 miles to it.

Photography by MattyAndAnnika
Marley is doing so much better today. Photography by MattyAndAnnika

I’m exhausted and barely functioning right now so I am going to take a little nap. My bike is ready to go for tomorrow and I do still plan to reach at least 100 miles for this week, the week ends on Sunday (Mon-Sun Strava week). To keep my brain occupied last night since I couldn’t get any sleep I did check out a cool documentary titled “Sisu“. It’s a cycling documentary about a team of cyclist who were cycling in Iceland; epic good film.

The movie was inspiring and really helped me to keep my brain thinking about cycling. I wouldn’t mind going over to Iceland and pedaling my bike a bit, maybe in a few years?

Alright gang, short and sweet, I need some sleep. I’ll be back shortly and I will ride in the morning, many hugs and thanks to our supporting Subscribers.

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Sisu (2019) movie review
  • Sisu (2019)


A wonderfully made film for cycling fans.


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