I only got 30 miles today, it was still epic

Okay, so today I went out for a bike ride and wanted to do 40 miles however, I ended up in an area where no one could drive a car worth a shit and 3 cars tried to run me off the road; I felt it better to get a lift home and off of that road. The morning started off with some nice climbing through Paradise Valley and Mummy Mountain. Once I completed that area I started to ride toward Tempe and once I was there I started to ride towards South Mountain which I’ve never ridden yet.

When I got to Broadway Rd traffic all of a sudden became ignorant. No one could drive and there were not many cars on it, everyone just wanted to ride directly beside me and pay no attention; thankfully I was filming and caught a bunch of idiot drivers on camera.

Check out the GPS view of the ride | Find me on Relive

So I didn’t get my 40 mile goal today however it was very enjoyable and I thought about Marley all the way. Tomorrow I’ll aim for 40 miles again and I won’t get near Broadway again. Annika picked me up and brought me a glass bottle Coke and some chips, it was so nice to see her beautiful face after that fun ride; what a perfect day.

Pugsley chillin on the bed
Pugsley chillin on the bed

Pugsley and Lilith are doing amazing lately. Here is a picture of Pugsley chilling out on our new California King bed, it’s so soft. These two munchkins play all the time and get along very well still. On the home front somethings look to be being to repeat themselves from last year however we’re hopeful that it isn’t; it’ll be sad to say goodbye again. As for everything else, all is beautiful.

We bought the new Season 3 of Fortnite and hope to have some family game time this weekend. Fingers crossed.

At this time I am working on the video for our YouTube Channel, it will be up shortly. Many hugs everyone, it’s time for some breakfast. Have an epic day and many thanks to our supporters.

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