Attempting a long bike ride tomorrow

So I’ve been back to my old self of looking over Google Maps and planning out cool routes of places to ride my bike. I haven’t quite been able to ride very long distance for a bit however I am slowly building myself back up. Tomorrow will be one of my longer rides in the past few weeks, well it’s my goal to reach it. I am hoping to pedal my bike out to Cave Creek, Carefree, and quite possibly Anthem and them ride all the way back to Old Town Scottsdale passing right through Fountain Hills; fingers crossed.

I’ve ridden my bike to Carefree before and had planned on going to Cave Creek while I was in the area however I read the sign wrong and thought I still had 40 more miles left to get there. After seeing my own photos from the trip, I was only 4 miles away lol.

It was a wonderful bike ride and I’m certain I will enjoy tomorrows trip as I’ve planned a few cool stops to enjoy the scenery. I’m not sure how much power I’ll need given how much equipment I carry with me, a couple of my gadgets have been dying quite fast lately. Either way this is a fun goal for me tomorrow, so I am going to give it a go.

This morning I went out for a nice ride and had a bad headache, dang sinuses bothering me with all the smoke from the Tonto fires, I hope everyone there are safe. Alright, short and sweet for now, got plans tonight with family. Have an epic day everyone and happy Farther’s Day to all of the fathers out in the world.

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