Today’s big bike ride postponed til tomorrow

This morning I was planning to head out for a big bike ride however I’d miscalculated that last night I wouldn’t be getting enough sleep. Yesterday was Father’s Day and we had a big family get together for dinner which kept us out late and by the time we got home it allowed for 3, maybe 4 hours of sleep which turned into a lot less when Pugsley got sick last night.

When we got home we rushed to bed so that we could all get up in time for work and so that I could head out the door for my bike ride, all was pretty close since we got home at close to 9-9:30pm. Our alarm goes off at 1-1:30am am and once we’d fell asleep Pugsley started coughing and got sick in his crate at 11pm. Pugsley is fine, he just had a few too many treats. I got him from that crate and took him to our living-room where I cleaned him up and checked him over to make sure he was okay. We went for a walk and then when we came back he was so happy to see me he wanted to play instead of sleep as he made sure to kiss on me every second he could. He passed out on me while we were on the couch and I spent my night with heartburn so bad that it is still affecting me. Nothing that I’ve taken has gotten it to stop, fingers crossed that it goes away soon. So yeah, it was a great night however sleepless and wearing.

Once our day is over today, we all plan on passing out as early as we can and I’ll be on the bike in the morning for some fun cycling. Right now, we’re minimal functioning. To all the father’s out there, we hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day. Thanks for ready everyone, have a great day.

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