Made it to Cave Creek on my bike, it was epic!

So the goal that I had set to do in the last two posts, I accomplished today. (post 1, post 2,) So excited to have reached this goal! The last time that I rode my bike to Carefree, I didn’t realize that I was so close to Cave Creek so I went back home from where I made it to, this time I visited Cave Creek and it is a very beautiful town.

During my bike ride this morning, I took it easy, I spent my time enjoying the ride and admiring the scenery all the way there. I pulled over in the Pinnacle Peak area to look around, I pulled over to enjoy the scenery when I reached Carefree. When I reached Cave Creek I rode my bike directly to the spot that I said I wanted to take a picture of.

Cycling to Cave Creek
Before I went on this trip I saw this store online while checking out cool things to do in Cave Creek, I told our son, I want to take a picture there, so I did.

I thoroughly enjoyed the artwork that I saw in the town, around the town, pretty much every time I turned my head there was more. Once I took that first picture in Cave Creek I started checking things out as I pedaled through the town. Nothing was really open yet as I was there very early in the morning. I started my bike ride at 2:50am and the weather all the way there was amazing. It was very cool to feel the temperature drop so much as I got nearer, it seemed to drop at least 20 degrees as I certainly got chilly.

Doing the bike ride made me remember why I love to ride long distance. It’s the beauty that is outside that we don’t see in images or videos. It’s the sounds that I hear and don’t hear when I’m out on the road so early. The all the time on edge feeling as I watch every car come up on me from behind and most of them do not give space or care that I’m on the road. It’s the adventure. I love going on these bike rides, most of all I love either doing them by myself or with my wife.

Here are all of the photos from this mornings bike ride.

Here is the Relive GPS of the bike ride

To check out the statistics of this bike ride, you can check out the activity on my Strava profile. There was a ton of climbing and it was wonderful. I didn’t see too many critters this trip, just jack rabbits.

I did take a ton of video during this ride and am working on the YouTube video which will hopefully be up sometime today.

Alright gang, time to get some things done around here and prepare for my next adventure. Many hugs to our epic Site-Subscribers for the support.

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